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Fast Fourier Transforms  
Information, Links, Subroutines and information about FFTs.
Submitted: Apr 17, 1999
[FREESW]FFTW Home Page  
FFTW is a C subroutine library for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) in one or more dimensions, of both real and complex data, and of arbitrary input size. We believe that FFTW, which is free software, should become the FFT library of choice for most applications. Our benchmarks, performed on on a variety of platforms, show that FFTW's performance is typically superior to that of other publicly available FFT software. Moreover, FFTW's performance is portable: the program will perform well on most architectures without modification.
Submitted: Jun 20, 1999
The FXT Page  
This page includes FFT code and related stuff. Among other things is the FXT library, which is a library containing C++ code for: FFT's, FHT's (FAST HARTLEY TRANSFORMS), NNT's (NUMBER THEORETIC TRANSFORMS), and more...
Submitted: Jan 18, 1999
FFT & FXT codes and related stuff  
This ffxt page provides the FXT package, an amorphous FFT bucket, FFT intro and a remarks section. Source codes are available.
Submitted: Nov 06, 1999
Prime Factor FFT Data Sheet  
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Analysis Subroutine Library for Windows and DOS.
Submitted: Feb 12, 1998
The benchFFT Home Page  
benchFFT is program to benchmark FFT software, developed by Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson at MIT. The benchmark incorporates a large number of publicly-available FFT implementations, both in C and in Fortran, and measures their performance and accuracy over a wide range of transform sizes. It benchmarks both real and complex transforms in one, two, and three dimensions.
Submitted: Jun 30, 1999
Djbfft provides power-of-2 complex FFTs, real FFTs at twice the speed, and fast multiplication of complex arrays. Single precision and double precision are equally supported.
Submitted: Nov 06, 1999

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