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Source code for a slot machine game created by Kevin Presa.
Submitted: Nov 23, 1999
Softgame Company produces high quality, professional software. Our Products are rendered in True Color graphics and are written in C++.
Submitted: Feb 17, 2000
-=Vortex 3D Game Engine=-  
Vortex is a simple 3D demo created to help me learn OpenGL. When it becomes more complete I hope to make a small game out of it, although it's a long way off yet. I update this page with a new version whenever I feel there are new features that people may like to check out. Feel free to let me know what you think. The Vortex demo itself was written from scratch in Visual C. It originally had it's own ASCII map format, but as the maps grew larger it became very slow. It has since moved over to a bsp format similar to that used by the Quake engine. For this reason the maps can now be created with editors like WorldCraft or Qoole. You can still download the older vortex engine on the projects page if you are interested, it has its own simple map editor and documentation.
Submitted: Feb 16, 2000
Game Programming with DJGPP  
A new updating with some new cool stuff. The "Programming the Sound Blaster" section is nearly complete with SB16 support. This allows the updated Sound Driver to do real-time mixing up to n mono/stereo samples in 8bit mode. The 16bit mode isn't implemented, but I don't think to write it. Check the demo program: now the real-time mixing works without noise distortion. I'm happy of the success of the Mailing List that now has a lot of subscribers. If you love game programming with DJGPP, subscribe to this list and you will meet a lot of programmers like you!
Submitted: Feb 16, 2000
Hyperion Project  
The Hyperion Project, which is under the term of the LGPL licence, shows that deformation of solids in real-time is possible with a high degree of accuracy.The tedious trade-off between realistic and fast simulation has been broken with a tricky adaptation of the Finite Element Method.
Submitted: Oct 01, 2001

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