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Genetic algorithms

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Genetic Algorithm Utility Library (GAUL)  
The Genetic Algorithm Utility Library (or, GAUL for short) is an open source programming library, released under the GNU General Public License. It is designed to aid in the development of applications that use of evolutionary algorithms. Additional stochastic algorithms are provided for comparison to the genetic algorithms. Much of the functionality is also available through a simple S-Lang scripting interface.
Submitted: Dec 20, 1999
A C++ library that provides the application programmer with a set of genetic algorithm objects. It includes tools for using genetic algorithms to do optimization in any C++ program. The features include overlapping and non-overlapping populations, the capability of building chromosomes from any C++ data type, built-in termination methods, two speciation methods, optional elitism, several built-in chromosome types and replacement strategies, and much more. This can be compiled using the GCC/G++ compiler on Linux platforms.
Submitted: Jan 11, 2000

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