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An Overview of Windows NT Security  
In part because of the "personal" nature of personal computers, most computer users do not believe they want or need security. In truth, there are many ways in which security is useful even to the home or individual user. While most people believe that security is only used for denying other people access to your files, it has a far more important purpose - to keep you or others from accidentally or deliberately destroying something important.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2000
Software Protection and Trial Management  
Hydra is a secure software trial, copy protection, payment processing and licence key management solution for small and medium businesses (including shareware developers).
Submitted: Jul 01, 2004
VPNlabs is an open community for researching, testing, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks. VPNlabs is also a testing facility for VPN software, hardware, and services. Over 187 resources available.

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