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MathWorks MATLAB Excel Builder  
MATLAB® Excel Builder enables you to easily convert complex MATLAB algorithms into independent Excel add-ins. You can take advantage of the flexible, matrix-based MATLAB programming environment, with thousands of available math and graphics functions to quickly prototype and develop computationally intensive models.
Submitted: Jan 02, 2002
Free Excel Add-ins  
Find loads of free Excel add-ins and Workbooks in the one place. These add-ins are from companies all over the world, including Microsoft.
Submitted: Aug 30, 2002
All Excel Add-ins  
Over 100 Microsoft Excel Add-ins. All with a risk free full money back guarantee.
Submitted: Jul 10, 2003
Baarns' Excel Utilities  
Baarns Publishing has developed a series of Excel Utilities to aid you in your development work on Excel. These can be downloaded free! Some of these utilities are now available for Excel 97!
Submitted: Aug 08, 1999
Office Add-ins: Excel, Outlook & more  
A wide range of add-ins and tools for Excel, Outlook, and other applications. Save your time and enhance your productivity.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
Efficient Excel Spreadsheet Designs  
Learn how to set up those Excel spreadsheets without the slow calculations, opening, closing and saving.
Submitted: Oct 10, 2002
Analyst Products  
Developed by some of Wall Street’s top quantitative software developers, @nalyst is the world’s most comprehensive set of financial function add-ins for Microsoft Excel and Applix.
Submitted: Aug 23, 1999
Nested IFs  
It is a well known and often irritating limitation in Excel, that you cannot nest more than 7 levels of IF statements. This page describes a technique using defined names that lets you get around this limitation.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Excel Neuro Classifier  
Harnessing the power of Neural Networks for classification of Microsoft Excel data.
Submitted: Oct 09, 2003
Returning Arrays  
The page describes how to return an array of values from a VBA function. Learn to make your custom functions behave like array formulas.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
JEM - A Microsoft Excel Add-In  
JEM 97(tm) is a Microsoft Excel 97® Add-in tool that provides a robust set of productivity utilities and adds 180 additional worksheet functions (mostly financial). There are 3 toolbars that lets users operate most of the utilities with ease while the worksheet function menu shows the JEM 97(tm) calculated functions with an easy to use syntax description for every entry. This is a worthwhile add-in for serious spreadsheet users.
Submitted: Aug 26, 1999
Duplication Manager  
This very handy add-in will make your management of lists and duplicate data in Excel a breeze. It is designed to assist you when you have duplicates in 1 or more lists and/or tables, find duplicates in Excel, manage and find duplications.
Submitted: Oct 09, 2003
Display Formula:- Disfor()  
Disfor() -Display Formula function. Type "=disfor(A1)" in another cell in the workbook (for example B1), and Disfor() will convert any referenced address of the formula in the cell A1 to its respective value, and display the formula with the respective values in the cell B1.
Submitted: Sep 28, 1999
ZRandom 1.1  
ZRandom implements high quality random number generation for Microsoft Excel using the Mersenne Twister RNG. Includes 16 discrete and continuous distributions. Use as spreadsheet functions or in VBA code.
Submitted: Jul 05, 2004
Spinnaker Functions Excel Add-in  
Spinnaker Functions features an optional set of D-functions (DSUM, DGET, DCOUNT, DMIN, DMAX, DAVERAGE etc.). The difference between these functions and the Excel functions is that they allow you to specify the criteria in the function instead of an external range.
Submitted: Aug 22, 1999
Unit Converter for Excel  
An addin to perform various conversions between many types of measurement units.
Submitted: Apr 19, 2005
Working With Lists  
This page describes a number of formulas for using SUM, MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE functions to ignore zero values, or negative values, or values that fall outside of an interval. Also included are formulas to reverse the order of a column or row, and to transpose a column or row.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word Add-Ins & Tools - www.AbleBits.com  
Handy and time-saving add-ins and tools for MS Excel, Outlook and Word. Pivot tables formatting, advanced Excel search & replace, managing multiple spreadsheets, auto making Outlook CC/BCC copies and more. Free trial. Collection of free add-ins.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2004
Excel Templates  
The Spreadsheet Store has Excel templates for a wide variety of purposes including stock market, real estate and financial statement evaluation, project planning, invoicing and personal finance.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2005
Excel Duplication Manager  
This extemely popular Excel add-in takes the worry out of managing duplicate data in Excel, it can even prevent them. It comes with a FREE Excel workbook size reducer for those bloated Excel Workbooks.
Submitted: Jan 09, 2003
PRIME for Excel 2000  
PRIME for Excel 2000 is the latest collection of utilities for Microsoft Excel 2000. Try PRIME Workbar and you'll be hooked -- it's that good. This utility gives you a one-click listing of your key working documents right on your menu bar. You can organize this list, automatically sort files as you add them (or not, at your preference) and display the list as a menu or a toolbar. PRIME Workbar has file actions of Open, Open as Read-Only, Print, Quick View, Explore File, Explore Folder, and Create Shortcut.
Submitted: Sep 14, 1999
INDIRECT Function  
The INDIRECT worksheet function is a useful tool for creating cell or range references "on the fly", as a formula is evaluated, rather than "hard coding" them into the formula. For example, if cell A1 has the value "C3", then =INDIRECT(A1) will return the value in C3.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
The Spreadsheet Assistant  
The Spreadsheet Assistant adds over 200 features to Microsoft Excel. Download a FREE evaluation copy of the Spreadsheet Assistant. Also in the site are other various add-ons for Excel.
Submitted: Aug 11, 1999
Updateable Excel Data in Word & PowerPoint  
DealMaven's FastTrack Spreadsheet Toolkit automates over 100 typical spreadsheet tasks. Save time creating, formatting and auditing Excel spreadsheets.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2003
XL Menu Enhancer  
XL Menu Enhancer is an Excel add-in file, that adds many special menu items to your Excel workbook. Among these are: * The Info menu item (added to the View menu), which gives you information on the current open file * The Display Open Files menu item which shows all the files you have open. * Also under the View menu, you will find a financial calculator, metric converter, amortization schedule creator, currency converter, and a days calculator. * Many more menu items...
Submitted: Aug 31, 1999
Number Manager  
The number manager fills in the gaps in Excel when working with numbers. It allows you to add 15 different number formats that are not part of Excel's built in number formats and much more!
Submitted: Oct 09, 2003
OzGrid Excel Plus  
The Ozgrid Excel Plus is designed to make working in Excel a breeze
Submitted: Oct 09, 2003
Excel Add-in with File size reducer  
Two Excel Add-ins from OzGrid that go hand-in-hand with each other.
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
EMAGENIT: Productivity Software for Microsoft Excel and Office  
EMAGENIT provides Microsoft Excel Add-Ins for engineering and business firms. We also provide custom VBA software solutions.
Submitted: Jan 02, 2002
xlPrecision is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that provides vastly more precise results from mathematical formulas than Excel provides on its own. xlPrecision provides up to 32,767 significant digits of precision. xlPrecision also provides internationalized formatting of decimal symbols, thousands separators, and currency symbols, and negatives can be formatted with either a leading hyphen or parentheses.
Submitted: Jul 10, 2003
Navigator Utilities  
Navigator Utilities will save you heaps of time and frustration in finding your way around large (and small) Excel workbooks. Simplify navigation through large spreadsheets. Easily navigate through: Sheets, Links, Named Ranges, Enhanced Find/Replace,Objects. And even break Excel's Passwords to remove sheet protection and workbook structure protection!
Submitted: Jun 06, 2005
Download our free XLC software which gives MS Excel the capability of displaying cell formulae as mathematical equations. Your worksheets will read like text books, they'll be easy to understand and easy to check. Download worked solutions and solved problems from our Repository or ask for help in the Forum. It's all free, so join our community and together let’s make it grow!
Submitted: Mar 06, 2007
Model Advisor  
We are your best source for business tools, specially Excel and other MS Office related products. Our commitment is helping you find the right tools to meet your needs, from basic calculators and templates to cutting-edge intelligent software helping you make decisions.
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Byg Utilities Lite  
Byg Utilities Lite are a group of Spreadsheet and General utilities for enhancing Excel routines. Included are a Fill routine - does away with the mental arithmetic when you fill a matrix; Interactive Zoom - see the effects caused by changes in the zoom settings, as you make the changes; and many more.
Submitted: Sep 02, 1999
ARulesXL lets you add business rules to Excel spreadsheets for analysis, planning, modeling, regulations, pricing and more. Rules are easy to write, read, maintain, audit, and intermix seamlessly with spreadsheet calculations.
Submitted: Dec 18, 2005
Automatically integrate C++ in Excel and .NET  
RapidXLL automatically builds Excel Add-Ins (XLL), Managed C++ .NET Wrappers, and HTML User Documentation from C/C++ headers.
Submitted: Sep 18, 2006
PRIME 95 Utility  
Prime 95 Add-In for Excel 7 is a collection of utilities for Microsoft Excel 7.0. The utilities include: Cell Protection Viewer, Name Assistant, Toolbar Assistant, TUGExcel Tools, Window Assistant, and Zoomer.
Submitted: Aug 31, 1999
Virus Search 2.0 for Excel  
The Microsoft® Excel Virus Search Version 2.0 add-in is a tool that protects users against the Excel Macro/Laroux and Laroux B macro viruses.
Submitted: Sep 11, 1999
Duplicate Remover for Excel  
Find and remove duplicates or unique records from Microsoft Excel lists or tables. Search for duplicates in one range or compare two lists with different number of columns, choose columns for comparison. Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 supported.
Submitted: Jan 25, 2008

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