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Astronomical functions for Excel (VBA)  
This text file contains the current set of User defined functions for Microsoft Excel 5, 95 and 97 versions. The functions are written in Visual Basic for Applications, and may be useable from other Office97 applications.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
The Planets  
Six astronomical variables are given on each of the nine planets. The variables are: Distance -- in miles from the Sun, Length of day in Earth days, Length of year in Earth years, Diameter -- in miles, Temperature -- in degrees F, and number of moons. Downloadable as an Excel worksheet
Submitted: Aug 11, 1999
CDS: The Catalogue of Catalogues  
Strasbourg astronomical data catalogs collection. Nearly 2000 catalogs available on-line, including catalogs from many radio surveys. Data from the Cambridge Radio Surveys ( 3C, 4C, 6C ) as well as the Parkes Survey and nearly fifty others are available here. I have converted the 3C and 4C catalogs to MS EXCEL format.
Submitted: Aug 18, 1999
Catalogue of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey  
This directory contains the file poss.zip, a PKZIP archive which extracts into the file poss.xls. This is a Microsoft Excel 5.0 (or above) workbook which contains a catalogue of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey plates, including the mapping between the original plates and the MicroSky microfiche edition published by Deen Publications, Inc.
Submitted: Aug 11, 1999

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