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Excel Smart Tools  
Eliminate Excel spreadsheets errors with these tools.
Submitted: Sep 17, 2003
Spreadsheet Visualization  
Spreadsheet visualization introduction and software (for Excel 97/2000).
Submitted: Mar 27, 2001
The CubicleSoftTM XLAuditorTM add-in for Microsoft Excel 2000/XP/2003 enables professionals to audit, understand, analyze, create, modify, compare, and debug any formula in any Excel spreadsheet.
Submitted: Nov 02, 2004
ACBA Tools  
Primarily a package of analytical tools for Excel lists or databases. Includes all the usual functions - find and mark duplicates, compare lists etc. Special functions allow the preparation of spreadsheet data lists of formulae and their associated results at user request. Introduces a comprehensive range of Excel worksheet functions for the extraction and/or comparison of numbers from within strings.
Submitted: Oct 25, 2005
Operis Analysis Kit  
OPERIS ANALYSIS KIT aims to increase the chances that a spreadsheet model is correct. An Add-In for the Microsoft ExcelTM 95 & 97 spreadsheet programs, it adds to the package a number of sophisticated functions that extend the built-in Excel features that experienced users of the package rely on to use good model-building techniques; and help to identify various kinds of mistakes in a model, resulting from mechanical errors (incorrect typing or pointing to the wrong cell), logic errors (incorrect formulas or faulty reasoning), and omission errors (omitting a parameter from a given calculation).
Submitted: Mar 27, 2001
SCANXLS - Spreadsheet Files & Links listing, risk analysis.  
ScanXLS gives you data for these fundamental questions you need to answer in your Sarbox project: - What spreadsheets do we have where on the network? - Who is the responsible owner/user/developer? - How big are they, how complex, have they errors? - What dependencies/links exist between them? - Has a spreadsheet changed from an authorized/validated version?
Submitted: May 22, 2005
Miracle Solutions  
A summary of the issue relating to spreadsheets and why a review or audit of the spreadsheet is necessary. Also some free training and details about Spreadsheet Professional.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2003

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