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The MathWorks - Excel Link  
Excel Link connects two powerful and standard desktop technologies, integrating the numerical, computational, and graphical power of MATLAB with Microsoft® Excel, the most widely used spreadsheet in the Windows environment. With Excel Link, you can exchange data between MATLAB and Excel, taking advantage of Excel's familiar spreadsheet interface and the sophisticated computational and visualization capabilities of MATLAB.
Submitted: May 06, 2001
Eliminating Blank Cells From Lists  
This page has an interesting formula for extracting only the non-blank values from a list of data, and returning them to another range, without the blank cells.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Insert Rows using a Macro  
The macro described will insert row(s) below a selected row or cell. The advantage of using a macro is that the formulas will be copied, but not the data.
Submitted: Sep 28, 1999
The Multi-Cell Goal Seeker  
The Multi-Cell Goal Seeker allows one to get goal seek solutions to many spreadsheet cells at one time by automating the goal seek function. It does multiple recalcuations automatically.
Submitted: Aug 31, 1999
Dynamic ranges in Excel  
Here's an array of different Dynamic Named Ranges that are great for Excel spreadsheets. Expand by day, Week, month and much more.
Duplication Manager  
This very handy add-in will make your management of lists a breeze. It is designed to assist you when you have duplicates in 1 or more lists. You can create a list of uniques, hide all duplicates, create a summary report, color code all duplicates, up to 3 levels and even prevent users from adding duplicates to a list or table! There is also the option to compare 2 lists for matching entries.
Submitted: Oct 10, 2002
Merge Cells  
A handy tool for merging cells in Excel. Merge excel values, rows, columns with a click. Reliable and time-saving. Free trial.
Submitted: Nov 15, 2004
Last Update Time Of Cell  
The formulas on this page allow you to record in one cell the last time that another cell was changed.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Fill in the Empty Cells  
This macro will fill in empty cells with the content of the cell above it, providing the cell above is also within the selection range.
Submitted: Sep 28, 1999
Conditional Formatting (2)  
In a big spread sheet, checking the spreadsheet for answers, which satisfy certain conditions may be a tedious task. You can let Excel show those answers in different colours under different conditions, so that searching will be much easier.
Submitted: Sep 28, 1999
Named Ranges  
You can use a defined name to refer to a range or formula in your workbook, which makes your workbook much more maintainable. Learn all about defined names and names range on this page.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Cells Within Ranges  
This page describes the Visual Basic procedures to access a particular cell in a range of cells, such as a named range. For example, if you have a named range "MyRange", you may want to refer to cell "C5" relative to this range.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Revolutionary and award-winning ExcelLens is a unique tool for making Excel spreadsheets easier to read. It combines highly-configurable color highlighting and magnifying functions that move in real-time with the Excel cursor to enhance viewing and reduce errors in reading data.
Submitted: Aug 22, 1999
FastExcel - Helps you run Excel faster  
FastExcel is the perfect tool for optimizing complex worksheet calculations. It eliminates guesswork and time-consuming manual trials.
Submitted: Jul 02, 2001
Array To Column  
Often, it is useful to create a single column or row of data from an MxN range of data. For example, when charting, you cannot assign a rectangular range to a single data series. The series must be in a single column or row of data. The following formulas assume that the data is in a range named "MyRange" with M rows and N columns.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Synkronizer is an Excel tool for comparing and synchronizing Excel worksheets and Excel databases. Synkronizer helps you by performing the following functions: mark differences or deviations, create a deviation report or create a new worksheet or database containing the consolidated records. Synkronizer makes your life easier by saving your time and speeding up your data processing. It's a must-have Excel add-in for everyone from power users to beginning users.
Submitted: May 05, 2001
Conditional Formatting  
This page describes the Conditional Formatting tool. This powerful tool was added to Excel in the Excel97 version. It is not available in earlier versions.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Spheresoft Modeler  
The Spheresoft Modelers allows users to enter a value and multiple formulas into each cell of Microsoft Excel, and it permits circular references, making for spreadsheet models that are much more compact and easier to use.
Submitted: Aug 22, 1999
Insert Comments  
The parameters used in calculations are sometimes difficult to remember, Especially when you try to use the spread sheet after a long break. Here is a method for adding comments.
Submitted: Sep 28, 1999
The Sensitivity Analyzer  
The Sensitivity Analyzer add-in allows you to vary the data in up to five cells and return the values of up to 10 other cells. You can specify the starting, stopping, and step values for each of the five cells.
Submitted: Aug 31, 1999
Top Rank  
Take any Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet and TopRank will automatically determine which cells affect results the most, and then rank them in order of importance.
Submitted: Oct 04, 1999
Object Controller  
Object Controller controls the placement and assignments of objects in Excel spreadsheets. Anyone who has tried to align button placements in Excel realizes how difficult it can sometimes be with the mouse. This macro makes precise alignments possible.
Submitted: Aug 31, 1999
Auto-Recalculation Patch  
The updated Excel 97 for Windows® Auto-Recalculation Patch resolves the recalculation issues discovered in Microsoft® Excel 97 for Windows, including the issues related to shared formulas. If you have downloaded a version of the Excel 97 for Windows Auto-Recalculation Patch prior to April 22, 1998, you should still download this latest patch to ensure that your worksheets automatically recalculate correctly.
Submitted: Sep 02, 1999

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