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This workbook (Excel 97 chemcalc.zip) allows one to calculate molecular weights directly in the spreadsheet with the CalcMW function. Alternately, the calculator can be run via a dialog box interface where it outputs weight and mole percentages of all elements in the compound. A database spreadsheet allows compounds of common interest to be stored and easily retrieved for later analysis.
Submitted: Aug 07, 1999
Chem Finder  
ChemFinder Ultra 5.0 is the ideal chemical information package for users who want to create chemical databases for storage and quick retrieval or utilize pre-existing databases. ChemFinder can be installed as an extension to MS Excel 97 to create structure searchable spreadsheets.
Submitted: Oct 04, 1999
VRTherm - Demo  
VRTherm is a software for thermodynamic and physical property prediction of mixtures making easy to build rigorous models in a fast and elegant way. It can be used as an add-in for Excel, Scilab or Matlab. The demonstrative package provides the same functionalities of the full package, but it only works with a limited set of components, which are: * METHANE * ISOBUTANE * BENZENE * ETHANOL * HYDROGEN * WATER
Submitted: Jan 08, 2007

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