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Analysis Collection For Microsoft Excel  
A total of 38 Excel add-ins and 3 downloadable books on Excel VBA.
Submitted: Sep 17, 2003
A Microsoft Excel add-in. It offers a wide variety of statistical analysis tools to apply to your data, including box-plots, regression analysis, ANOVA, correspondence analysis, nonlinear regression, and more.
Submitted: Aug 22, 1999
SPC XL - Statistical Software  
SPC Kiss for excel is a statistical analysis program that runs with Excel. When installed SPC Kiss will provide the user an additional option for data analysis thruogh the Excel's main menu.
Submitted: Aug 29, 1999
Laboratory data analysis  
Curve fitting and data analysis (WLSFIT97.XLS). Used for graphing and analyzing data. The program does a weighted least squares on your data. Numerous functions can be tried.
Submitted: Aug 29, 1999
UNISTAT for Windows is a comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also work as an Excel™ add-in. UNISTAT provides a one stop solution for data handling, data analysis and presentation quality scientific graphics.
Submitted: Aug 29, 1999
AIComponents Data Mining  
The Data Intelligence Add-In for Excel integrates the most popular algorithms found in data mining and AI into Excel.
Submitted: Jan 13, 2005
Measurement Process Evaluation  
Measurement Process Evaluation (also known as Gauge R&R) is a crucial activity for both SPC and DoE. MESA is designed to be low cost, flexible and extremely easy to use. Workbooks are configurable to allow you to choose the most relevant set of analysis options.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
RSD Associates - DoE  
Design of Experiments (DoE) is the essential tool for simplifying the design and analysis of complex systems. RSD Associates have developed MATREX, a spreadsheet add-in for Microsoft Excel, which provides the user with a powerful and accessible tool for exploiting DoE techniques.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
PK Solutions - Pharmacokinetic Data Analysis  
Provides easy, fast and comphrensive analysis of plasma level data, including the most commonly used PK parameters and graphs.
Submitted: Aug 05, 2004
Energy Lens - Half-Hourly-Data Analysis Software  
An Excel add-in for analysis of half-hourly energy consumption data (half-hourly-data). Energy Lens allows you to create a range of charts and figures to determine energy consumption patterns. The ultimate objective of Energy Lens is to help businesses to save energy by understanding when and where it is being used and wasted.
Submitted: May 07, 2006

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