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Earth Sciences and Mapping

Latitude And Longitude  
This page describes various methods for working with Latitude and Longitude data in Excel.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
The Distance Finder  
The Distance Finder and Mileage Finder will find the distance between the 1,251 available locations. Locations may be added if the coordinates are included. It will also create a list of the distances to all cities in the list from one particular location.
Submitted: Aug 31, 1999
Populations and Land Areas of 15 World Cities  
Populations and land areas of 15 world cities (extended). Downloadable as an Excel worksheet.
Submitted: Aug 11, 1999
US Temperatures  
The data gives the normal average January minimum temperature in degrees Fahrenheit with the latitude and longitude of 56 U.S. cities (for each year from 1931 to 1960, the daily minimum temperatures in January were added together and divided by 31. Then, the averages for each year were averaged over the 30 years).
Submitted: Aug 11, 1999

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