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DiffEngineX is a tool which finds the differences between Excel worksheets. The difference report is created in a new workbook. Different cells can be highlighted with color. Many advanced options are available. Keywords: compare, comparison, files, sheets, spreadsheets, diff, two, 2
Submitted: Sep 06, 2005
ProSearchXLS is an advanced and efficient Microsoft Excel search application. It takes away the inconvenience of searching inside multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files when complex search conditions are needed. Only select a folder where one or more Excel files are located and define your most complex search terms. The search results are at your service in a couple of seconds.
Submitted: Jun 05, 2005
Hidden Name Space  
The "Hidden Name Space" refers to an area of memory that you can use to hold defined names that are available to all workbooks, and which are available to workbooks even after the workbook which created the name is closed.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Excel File and E-Mail Assistant  
If you are using , the File & E-Mail Assistant will update the recently opened file list for any file that you open from the Windows Explorer. Without the File & E-Mail Assistant, Excel only adds files to the recently opened list if you open them via File, Open.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2003

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