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Functions on ranges

Excel Custom Functions  
Here you will find many custom Excel functions (UDF's) and examples of how to add descriptions to your UDF's and even add you own catergory in the Standard Excel Function wizard. There is also an objective look at UDF's.
Mark's Maths and Excel Homepage  
Two pages of Excel Tutorial files and associated Word files - A 'Named Range' Tutorial and a 'VBA Introduction' Tutorial. Both Tutorials have a Mathematical Basis and several focus on animating graphs.
Submitted: Jul 02, 2001
Excel Business Functions  
Add up to 350 new functions into Excel. These are not Custom Functions written in VBA, but Excel functions using the much faster C++ language!
Submitted: Nov 11, 2002
Highlight Duplicates in Excel  
Example of how we can use Conditional Formatting to highlight duplicates in Excel
Submitted: Jul 04, 2005
Apricot Software - Unit Conversion Excel Addin  
Flexible unit conversion addin that uses simple text strings to specify conversions. New units can be defined in this data driven system. Derived units can be built on the fly. Dimensional analysis is used to ensure that the conversion is legitimate. This system really understands unit conversion and is not constrained to fixed lists.
Submitted: Oct 01, 2001
SheetStats provides sheet statistics in a MsgBox.
Submitted: Sep 28, 1999
SHSORT01.XLA is an Excel AddIn that sorts the Sheets in the ActiveWorkbook in alphabetical order. Not earthshaking exactly but quite useful when that sad time comes to document a huge project workbook you've been banging away on for weeks with 17 Modules, 12 Worksheets, 15 Dialogs, 7 Charts and a XLM macro for setting Page attributes thrown in for good measure.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999

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