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Genetic algorithms

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PIKAIA genetic algorithm for Excel VBA  
PIKAIA is a general purpose function optimization subroutine based on a genetic algorithm. PIKAIA was originally developed in Fortran by Charbonneau and Knapp. Greg Pelletier translated the PIKAIA algorithm into Excel's VBA language for use in a water quality modeling framework. An application of the PIKAIA algorithm for modeling of water quality in streams and rivers is also available at this Web page.
Submitted: Jan 29, 2005
GenetikSolver is an add-in for MS-Excel. It uses real-coded genetic algorithm to solve optimization problems.
Submitted: Apr 21, 2006
xl bit - affordable genetic algorithm addin for Excel  
xl bit can cater for unlimited variables in one optimization problem. User can determine secondary fitness function to optimize.
Submitted: Sep 08, 2006

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