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Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Network Software  
Neural network technology and genetic algorithms are advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. The stock market trading software on this page brings neural network technology to the marketplace. These neural network software products are some the best on the market today. If you trade on the stock market, buy and sell shares then make use of the power of neural network software products to forecast the stock market.
Submitted: Jun 23, 2004
Excel Forecaster  
Forecasting tool for Microsoft Excel based on neural networks. It is targeted for Excel users who need a quick-to-learn and reliable forecasting tool embedded into familiar Excel interface.
Submitted: Sep 17, 2003
Classify any kind of data in Microsoft Excel, using neural network algorithms.
This is an MLP trained with the backpropagation algorithm. It is aimed at developers/researchers/enthusiasts who want to develop their own applications in VBA/VB but need some 'quickstart' code to get them started. It makes use of Excel charting capabilities so you can see exactly how the network is learning.
AIComponents Neural Network  
The Data Intelligence Add-In for Excel integrates the most popular algorithms found in data mining and AI into Excel, including the popular feed forward neural network. The algorithm features standard gradient descent and faster scaled conjugate gradient optimization, support for discrete, continuous, and discretized data with or without missing values. A wizard driven interface makes it easy for beginners or advanced users.
Submitted: Feb 15, 2005
NeuroSolutions for Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-in that simplifies and enhances the process of getting data into and out of a NeuroSolutions neural network.
Submitted: Aug 27, 1999
Alyuda Forecaster XL  
Forecast with easy-to-use MS Excel add-in based on neural networks. A proven constructive algorithm makes forecasting easy and trustworthy by automatically creating a neural network most suitable for your problem.
Submitted: Mar 11, 2003
nn_Solve - Build neural network with Excel Solver  
Instructions to build neural network model is shown in workbook. Find out how easy it is to build the model and to automate Solver.
Submitted: Sep 11, 2006
Aspen NeuralSIM  
NeuralSIM is the first PC-based product that automatically addresses all of the issues necessary to build usable data-based models. NeuralSIM analyzes your data, transforms it, selects training and test sets, selects the right inputs, architects, trains, and optimizes a neural network model.
Submitted: Aug 27, 1999
NEUrun provides for the embedding of intelligence technologies into other programs and environments. NEUrun uses Windows OLE automation to allow a wide range of Windows products, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, and Microsoft Excel, to easily incorporate objects, including neural networks, that have been created under NEUframe.
Submitted: Aug 27, 1999
Custom Solution Wizard  
The Custom Solution Wizard is a tool that will take an existing neural network created with NeuroSolutions and automatically generate and compile a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). This allows you to easily incorporate neural network models into your own applications.
Submitted: Aug 22, 1999

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