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Free Excel Newsletter  
Get this free Excel monthly HTML newsletter delivered direct to you inbox. Often contains lots of free downloads and Workbooks.
Submitted: Oct 11, 2002
Excel Experts E-Letter Archives  
The Excel Experts E-Letter (or EEE) is a semi-monthly newsletter produced by David Hager. EEE is filled with useful tips and tricks for Excel. Most of the material in geared towards the more advanced user.
Submitted: Aug 07, 1999
Mr. Excel  
Send your Excel problem to MR. EXCEL. The best problems will be published here weekly with our solutions. Due to the volume of mail received, Mr. Excel can not respond personally to all requests.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Office Computing Articles  
Lee Hudspeth and T. J. Lee serve as Senior Contributing Editors to Office Computing magazine where they provide hands-on step by step solutions to the real problems that users face every day.
Submitted: Sep 14, 1999
Woody's Office Watch -electronic Bulletin  
better known as, uh, WOW is a FREE, weekly email bulletin for the Office user, abuser, victim, pandit or pundit.
Submitted: Sep 12, 1999
Archives of EXCEL-G  
EXCEL-G is a list where the general or casual user of EXCEL can get help for more everyday questions.
Submitted: Sep 02, 1999
Links to spreadsheet related newsgroups  
Newsgroups are always a great source for help. Click on a link and read some of the questions and answers there. Who knows maybe there is an answer to something you've been trying to figure out.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Archives and Recent Issues of the OzGrid Excel Newsletter  
Browse our archives of all our past and recent issues. Sign up for free!
Submitted: Jun 09, 2003
Posting to Excel Newsgroups  
About half of this page is concerned with how to turn off MIME postings. The entire page concerns Usenet Netiquette particularly in the Excel Newsgroups, and helps to explain some of the Hints to New Posters which is regularly posted to the Excel newsgroups by Chip Pearson.
Submitted: Sep 28, 1999

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