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Optimization using Excel Solver  
Frontline Systems developed the Solver in Excel for Microsoft. Our Premium Solver products are upward compatible from the standard Excel Solver -- your Solver models, and even your VBA code controlling the Solver, will work as-is. You can solve much larger problems, much faster than with the standard Solver, and you can solve entirely new types of problems with our Evolutionary Solver, Interval Global Solver, and SOCP Barrier Solver -- all part of the Premium Solver Platform.
Submitted: Aug 08, 1999
OptQuest software for Optimization Under Conditions of Uncertainty  
OptQuest is the global optmiization software that works with Crystal Ball Monte Carlo simulation software to provide optimal solutions under condistions of uncertainty. As a part of the Crystal Ball 2000 Professional Edition, OptQuest works with Crystal Ball simulation software to quickly sort for optimal outcomes even as it work with probabilistic Excel spreadsheet models. Free downloadable evaluation and example models available.
Submitted: Jan 17, 2001
Software for Evolution Strategies  
No Description
Submitted: May 11, 2000

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