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Simulations in physics with Excel.
Submitted: May 28, 2005
A number of Excel files demonstrating waves. Includes files about standing waves in stings and pipes, travelling waves, beats, etc.
Submitted: Aug 29, 1999
Flexible Unit Conversion Software  
No Description
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
Quantum & Nuclear  
This page contains two simulations of spontaneous decay of a population and of a particle confined to a box.
Submitted: Aug 29, 1999
SETI Spreadsheet Templates  
This page provides SETI enthusiasts with several downloadable Microsoft Excel ® spreadsheets for performing some of the more common radio astronomy and SETI computations. This page contains many spreadsheets with examples and calculations from various fields in physics.
Submitted: Sep 02, 1999
HO-11 Capacitors  
Part of a series of pysics lessons in the Dickenson university. Devise a way to measure how the capacitance depends on the separation between foil sheets. Record the dimensions of the foil so you can calculate the area. Take at least five data points. Use paper or Excel to record your data in a table and then to graph it.
Submitted: Aug 13, 1999

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