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Pivot tables

Excel Pivot Table Tutorial  
The 'need to know' of Pivot Tables with a free tutorial from Microsoft. Free Pivot Table Workbook examples from our free download page.
Excel Pivot Tables Tips  
Useful pivot table tips from Exceltips.com. Read tips and submit your own.
Submitted: Oct 26, 2004
Excel's Pivot Table  
A review of Excel's pivot tables features. It's very easy to use a Pivot Table. Excel has offered Pivot Tables since Version 5, so if you acquired your copy of Excel after 1993 you likely have the capability.
Submitted: Sep 17, 1999
Pivot Table Reports 101  
What is the total sales for each product by region? Which products are selling best over time? Who is your highest-performing salesperson? For these and other questions, you can create a PivotTable® report - an interactive table that automatically extracts, organizes, and summarizes your data. You can then use the report to analyze the data - for example, make comparisons, detect patterns and relationships, and analyze trends.
Submitted: Oct 26, 2004
Excel pivot tables have a tendency to lose their initial sort order under a variety of circumstances. This can be real annoying. PTSORT.ZIP (7 Kb) contains the Excel workbook PTSORT01.XLS (79 Kb) which demonstrates how to keep the row and column variable labels of a pivot table sorted in alphabetic order.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Pivot Table/ Transpose/ Cross Tab Query  
Display a data set as pre-determined number of columns instead of rows. This has been very helpful when attemting to display column based data sets in crystal reports. Insert this code into a stored procedure and link to it in your report.
Submitted: Feb 15, 2005
Pivot Table Guru - Learn Excel Pivot Tables  
Learn Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables the easy way using our web based video training.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2006
PVDOC01.XLA is an add-in that works in Excel 5 or Excel 7 (and presumably in Excel 97) by adding a Menu item "Pivot Table Documenter" to the Tools menu. Activate any worksheet in any workbook and choose menu item "Pivot Table Documenter". If there are any PivotTables in the workbook they will be documented in a new workbook.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999

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