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MonteCarlito - Excel Add-In for Monte Carlo Simulation  
MonteCarlito is a free Excel-add-in to do Monte-Carlo-simulations. Main features are: statistical analysis (mean, median, standard error, variance..); histograms; easy to expand open-source code; support for Windows and OS X versions of Excel.
Submitted: Mar 09, 2005
Simulacion 4.0  
Simulación 4.0 was fully developed in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and it is compatible with Excel 97 and above. It has been created in order to bring a flexible simulation tool, easy to be used. Features: • 34 random number functions • Simulation with the Monte Carlo method, between 1 - 65,000 iterations. • Integrated Menu and Toolbar. • Up to 150 Inputs and 20 Outputs. • Easy Block of inputs in order to run partial simulations. • Definition of correlations between inputs. • Determination of one approximate distribution for a known data series. • Quick and easy install and uninstall.
Submitted: Sep 20, 2004
Montecarlo Simulation in Excel (English and Spanish versions available for Excel 2007 and later)  
NEW SIMULAR 2.5 VERSION. SimulAr is a free add-in for Microsoft Excel. SimulAr adds probability distribution functions in spreadsheets for performing Montecarlo simulation and risk analysis under uncertainty conditions. Possibility of correlating variables. Fitting distributions to data. An easy user interface makes the model-development really simple. Up to 1,000,000 iteration in Excel 2007. New features: SimulAr ribbon for Excel 2007 users. Sensitivity analysis: spider and tornado charts. Optimization analysis: combine Excel Solver and SimulAr to solve problems.
Submitted: Sep 15, 2004
Risk Analyzer add-in for Microsoft Excel  
The Risk Analyzer for Microsoft Excel is the easiest to use decision and risk analysis program that one can find. It is extremely fast , flexible, and completely menu driven. If you are evaluating an investment proposal, a new business, a budget, or any proposal involving financial risk, then the Risk Analyzer is the tool for you. The Risk Analyzer gives you tables and graphics that illustrate the risks of the proposal.
Submitted: Nov 29, 2004
Excel Monte Carlo Simulations  
The Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel adds comprehensive Monte Carlo simulation ability to your spreadsheets and Excel applications. Includes 20 random distribution generation functions. Run simulations against not just random data, but any Excel formula. Output simulation results right back into your spreadsheets for charting or further analysis. Provides persistent simulation data and access to simulations through VBA
Submitted: Feb 06, 2007
Process Modeling & Simulation in Excel  
Simulator is a small, general-purpose, graphic process simulator for process & workflow modeling, simulation & active flowcharting. It lets you model simple process flows as flowcharts and run & visually monitor simulations entirely within Excel.
Submitted: Dec 20, 2006
Creative 3d simulation Company Bangalore India  
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Submitted: May 12, 2006

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