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Tax calculations

DMUD Tax Information  
Ultimate tax resource. Find everything from tax preparation software, deduction finders, new tax laws for the current year, tax forms and much more.
Submitted: Mar 11, 2003
Property Tax Calculator  
PropX is a complete property investment analysis software that comes with more than 12 investment analysis calculators, up to 40+ year projections, and investment analysis reports with graphical illustrations.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2005
Tax Calculations with Inequality Measures  
The site now offers spreadsheets (MS Excel and OpenOffice Calc) which can be used to analyze the redestribution effects of income taxation. These inequality coefficients are used: Gini, SOEP, Hoover, Atkinson, Kullback-Leibler and Theil. They are computed using OpenOffice-BASIC or using table calculations for Excel.
Submitted: Dec 16, 2005

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