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1200 Excel Macro Examples  
Add over 1200 Excel VBA examples directly into the Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Editor. When you select Help, the Visual Basic Macro Examples help file appears. This is a must for Microsoft Excel macros and code.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2002
Excel VBA Tutorial  
Free open source Excel VBA examples on various finance, statistics, mathematic, and general topic. It includes random numbers generator, standard deviation, regression, simulation, option pricing, tutorial, forum and more.
Submitted: Nov 23, 2004
Advanced VBA Tutorial  
John Lacher's advanced VBA tutorial. Subjects dealt with: Exporting Excel Data in Special Formats, Importing Text Files into Open Workbook, Comparison of Three Sort Methods.
Submitted: Sep 02, 1999
VBA example code  
Get all the VBA example code found in "Excel 97 Annoyances" by downloading XLANNOY.ZIP. This is a 50K file that contains the Intro to VBA.xls workbook. This workbook contains all the VBA macros and utilities from the book, ready-to-run!
Submitted: Sep 14, 1999
Advanced Excel VBA Modeling  
Advanced Excel VBA prorgrams in finance and statistics with open source codes for Sale. Include option pricing models with greeks, random numbers generator, Monte Carlo simulation and many more.
Submitted: Jan 12, 2005
Code Examples for Excel  
These pages of our web-site are specific to Visual Basic for Applications for Excel. It contains many tips and tricks, useful code, user-defined functions and much more.
Submitted: Feb 25, 2005
Macros And Functions  
As a VBA programmer, you'll need to know the difference between SUB procedures and FUNCTION procedures. This page describes the difference, and the limitations of each type.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Julian's Excel Macro (VBA) Tips for Beginners  
Excel Macros (VBA) tips for beginners. Simplified macros are used here for easy understanding. Includes code samples.
Submitted: Feb 15, 2005
Optimize VBA  
As your VBA projects get larger and more complex, it becomes more important that your code is written to be as efficient as possible. Learn about several techniques you can use to improve the speed (and reliability) of your VBA code.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Code Modules And Code Names  
A common mistake among new VBA programmers is that they put their code in the wrong module. When this happens, Excel can't find the code, and it can't be executed. This page describes the different types of modules in Excel VBA, and what you should and shouldn't put in each type.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Template Master Toolkit  
A step-by-step guide and collection of VBA tools to create your own templates. Just about any user can create their own templates and use the Template Toolbar that comes with each of the Excel Results templates.
Submitted: Sep 11, 1999
Radio Button Without Form  
Graphical User Interface (GUI) is one of the most powerfull tool for developing user-friendly software. With the advent of VB (and VBA) it has become all the more easy for even beginners to incorporate simple GUI in their programs. However, as with any other tool, this tool also should be used with discretion. Forms, buttos and similar controls should be used only if they make the task of the usaers easier. Never use them for their own sake. The relatively simple example in the accompanying article shows how, with a little thought, a situation where a form with radio buttons would have unnecessarily hampered the user, salvaged using a small code in VBA. It also introduces you to different events available in Excel VBA.
Submitted: Feb 04, 2001
P E R M U T A T E  
PERMUTE.XLS is an Excel 5 workbook (16 Kb in a ZIP archive) which generates permutations of letters you input. There is some first class VBA here, with Jan demonstrating a very inventive solution to the problem of dynamically reiterating through an array and more.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Create Custom Excel Menu Items  
It is possible to customize Excel in many different ways. However, to make your Excel spreadsheets have that professional look and feel, one can add their own custom menus to an existing Excel toolbar.
Submitted: Jul 04, 2005
Among this set of downloadable programming tools, you'll find the section: Excel add-ins in CodeWarrior: "A framework for writing Excel add-ins (XLLs) for 68K and PowerPC Macs and 32-bit Windows in CodeWarrior. 68K, 68K-with-FPU and PowerPC builds can be easily generated from the same source code and integrated in the same fat binary: Excel will transparently call the right one. The PowerPC add-ins are fully native and Excel 5 calls them without any mode switching... Requires the Excel 5 Developer's Kit (from Microsoft) and CodeWarrior 10 or later."
Submitted: Sep 02, 1999
Validating UserForm TextBox to Only Accept Numbers  
If you are fairly comfortable with Excel VBA you will most likely want to design a UserForm to ensure correct use of your Spreadsheet. However, just placing some TextBoxes on a UserForm for users to enter data is not enough. For example, the TextBoxes may be intended to take only numeric data and not Text strings
Submitted: Jul 04, 2005
Ankur Mohan's Excel VBA Page  
Learn VBA the simple way. New view to Excel VBA
Submitted: Dec 17, 2006
Return Excel Worksheet Name to a Cell  
In Excel it is possible to use the CELL function/formula and the MID, LEN and FIND to return the name of an Excel Worksheet in a Workbook. We can also use a handy Custom Excel VBA Function
Submitted: Jul 04, 2005
Excel VBA Intersect Method  
The Intersect Method will return a Range Object that represents the intersection of two, or more, ranges. It can be used to determine if a specified Range Object intersects another specified range(s). Or, in layman's terms, does a specified range intersect another range(s).
Submitted: Jul 04, 2005
Count of Items in List VBA  
With the aid of a Pivot Table and Excel VBA we can get a count of each item that appears in a list
Submitted: Jul 04, 2005
Designed to share VBA code and resources, includes work in the following:
  • Drill down into Pivot Charts via Shift+Click
  • Transpose Array (GetRows)
  • SQL Execution and Logging
  • E-Mail String Verification
  • URL String Verification
  • Export Access Tables to Excel
  • Worksheet-focused Illegal Character Replacement
  • XLA Example: Operation Management Functions
  • XLA Example: Euro-Dollar Conversion

Submitted: Apr 30, 2006
VBA Seminar (in German)  
A first course on how to use Visual Basic for Applications to simplify the use of Excel.
Submitted: Sep 12, 1999
CLOSE01.XLS contains a single Sub which demonstrates and explains a method for shutting down these user Workooks when your system starts.The best place to do this is probably from your Auto_open.
Submitted: Sep 07, 1999
Baarns Consulting Developers Only  
Baarns is committed to helping you be productive while working in Microsoft Office applications. Baarns Consulting specializes in automation using Microsoft Office Professional applications and Back Office solutions. These tools were written specifically for Developers by Baarns Consultants. Many are available for Office97.
Submitted: Aug 08, 1999
Developer JumpStart for Excel 97  
The BDJS is a subset of the methodology used by Baarns Consulting to create custom VBA solutions for major corporations. We are in the process of upgrading our methodology to Excel 97 VBA.
Submitted: Sep 11, 1999

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