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g95 - Open Source Fortran Compiler  
Free, open-source Fortran 95 compiler for all major computing platforms, including Windows, Intel Linux, and Mac OS X.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2004
Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran  
Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 (LF95) is MATLAB-compatible and includes full Fortran 95, 90, and 77 support, optimized code generation and fast execution speed, great diagnostics, Microsoft linker and C-runtime, graphics and user-interface libraries, and more.
Intel Visual Fortran for Windows  
Fortran 95 compiler, optionally with the IMSL library.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2004
Salford FTN95: Fortran for Windows  
Fortran 95 compiler that can create console based, conventional Windows® and Microsoft .NET applications.
Submitted: Dec 21, 2004
Fortran Tools  
The Fortran Tools are a collection of software and documentation of interest to the Fortran programmer. Included are g95, the open source Fortran 95 compiler; Photran, a GUI for development and execution of Fortran programs; Matran, a library of matrix operations that utilize the highly tuned Atlas libraries; books in electronic form; and other software. The tools are available for Windows and 32-bit Intel Linux.
Submitted: Oct 16, 2005
NAGWare f95 Compiler  
This is a full Fortran 95 compiler for a range of Unix platforms. Derived from the NAGWare f90 Compiler, the world's first Fortran 90 compiler, f95 provides robust, well tested, widely ported compiler capabilities for the Fortran 95 language. The f95 Compiler accepts fixed or free format Fortran 95 input and a number of common Fortran 77 extensions are allowed. HPF code is also compiled and checked though only single processor output is generated. The new features of Release 4.0 include the addition of two J3 Technical Reports, which will form part of Fortran 2000.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2000
FORTRAN Optimizing Compilers  
The Green Hills[tm] Optimizing FORTRAN 77 is the least standardized of all of the major languages. Computer system vendors have long exercised the right to add extensions to the basic language in order to provide themselves with a unique, proprietary product. Green Hills Optimizing FORTRAN 77 Compilers conform fully to ANSI X3.9-1978 Standard FORTRAN 77 (Full Language) and FIPS PUB 069-1, and adds the DOD MIL-STD 1753 FORTRAN extensions and selected VAX/VMS FORTRAN extensions.
Submitted: Feb 29, 2000
The f77 Problem Page  
The f2c program is a big help for compiling Fortran programs on Linux. There are other compilers available, among them g77 by the FSF (gnu). g77 suffers however from some serious incompatibilies which makes it unusable for standard HEP code. But g77 is not yet completed. It needs founding of a small scale compared to normal HEP software costs. We did not hear of any experiences with the NAG Fortran compilers.
Submitted: Feb 29, 2000
Compilers Utilities  
In the MMM computing environment, it is possible to compile programs written in either C or FORTRAN programming languages. This chapter covers both the C and FORTRAN compilers, makefiles, and some more basic information.
Submitted: Mar 25, 2000
NAG/ACE Fortran 90 (SPARC) Compiler  
A new Optimising Fortran 90 compiler for Sun SPARCstations running Solaris 2 has been launched following a joint technology initiative between NAG Ltd and ACE bv. The new NAG/ACE Fortran 90 (SPARC) Compiler provides Fortran developers and programmers with greatly enhanced performance and flexibility, by combining the NAGWare f90 Compiler front-end with the new CoSy generated back-ends and optimizers from ACE.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2000
Free, open-source, portable (Windows, Linux, OSX, and other OS) Fortran 95 compiler, part of GCC (Gnu Compiler Collection).
Submitted: Dec 21, 2006
F2PY - Fortran to Python Interface Generator  
Writing Python C/API wrappers for Fortran routines can be a very tedious task, especially if a Fortran routine takes more than 20 arguments but only few of them are relevant for the problems that they solve. This tool generates the C/API modules containing wrapper functions of Fortran routines.
Submitted: Aug 23, 2001
PGI Workstation 3.0 - 3 PGHPF 3.0  
PGHPF 3.0 is the second release of PGI's native (HPF-to-assembly code) High Performance Fortran compiler for IA-32 processor-based systems. All features of Full HPF 1.1 and Fortran 90 are supported, with the few exceptions noted in this document. In addition, several HPF 2.0 features have been added in this release. See section 3.1 below for a list of new features. If you encounter any feature that is not supported, and not listed in section 3.3, Restrictions, please consider it a bug and report it to PGI at the e-mail address trs@pgroup.com.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2000
ADAPTOR (Automatic DAta Parallelism TranslaTOR) is a public domain HPF compilation system which offers the use of the data parallel, high level programming language High Performance Fortran (HPF) for parallel computing on distributed-memory machines. Due to mature and innovative compilation technologies, the more convenient and user-friendly HPF programs achieve an efficiency comparable to corresponding message passing programs.
Submitted: Feb 29, 2000
The ACE Group  
Since its foundation in 1975, ACE has been committed to providing advanced system software products and services to the computer industry. We were the first European company to develop its own Unix implementation and we built the first fully validated Fortran 77 compiler for it. By now, we have more than 22 years of experience in providing quality compiler and operating system development solutions for customers active in the embedded systems, personal computer, workstation and high performance computing markets.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2000

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