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RASP is a Fortran 77 subroutine library which covers a broad area of control engineering computations, supporting frequency- and time-domain analysis and synthesis techniques, multi-criteria parameter optimization, simulation, and graphics [1]. RASP, together with the engineering-database and -operating system RSYST, form the software infrastructure of the computer aided control engineering environment ANDECS. Special emphasis in the implementation of RASP is on the numerical reliability of the implemented algorithms, the full portability of the codes and the complete independence of any other proprietary software. The basic numerical software supporting RASP are the linear algebra libraries BLAS, LINPACK, EISPACK, LAPACK. RASP also provides efficient ODE- and DAE solvers as well as optimization routines (including routines from ODEPACK and MINPACK).
Submitted: Jul 09, 1999
SLICOT, a general purpose basic control library realised by WGS in cooperation with NAG , can primarily be viewed as a mathematical library for control theoretical computations. The library provides tools to perform basic system analysis and synthesis tasks. The main emphasis in SLICOT is on numerical reliability of implemented algorithms and the numerical robustness and efficiency of routines. Special emphasis is put on providing maximal algorithmic flexibility to users, and on the use of rigorous implementation and documentation standards.
Submitted: Oct 29, 1998
ANDECS provides a rich repository of Linear systems Analysis and Synthesis modules for solving modeling, analysis, and design problems of automatic control systems. Simulation and graphics tools available within ANDECS provide additional support for performing complex system analysis tasks. All analysis and synthesis functions are based on numerically sound computational algorithms, representing the latest developments in the field.
Submitted: Jul 09, 1999

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