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Diagramf: Simple Diagrammer for Fortran Programs  
diagramf is a simple diagrammer for Fortran language programs. diagramf diagrams FORTRAN if-else-elseif-endif, do-enddo and case constructs, start and end of routines, type definitions, modules and interfaces; puts a * next to goto, return, cycle, exit, stop, end= and err=. Program by Mitchell R Grunes, ATSC/NRL (grunes@nrlvax.nrl.navy.mil). Revision date: 12/1/95. If you find it useful, or find a problem, please send me e-mail. This program was written in FORTRAN, the One True Language.
Submitted: Mar 04, 2000
Orderpack 1.0, Fortran 90 code  
Orderpack 1.0 is Michel Olagnon's public domain Fortran 90 code for partial sorting, partial ranking, unique sorting, unique ranking with inverses as well as other ordering routines. Also more Fortran resources
Submitted: Jun 27, 2000
This is an interactive tool that provides inter-procedural information about Fortran programs, such as: call graphs, which show the calling relationships between program units; traces of variables: where and how a variable is used throughout the program; common block partitioning and usage: how common blocks are partitioned into variables in each program unit, and how those variables are used in that unit and its descendents; procedure references and argument associations: the location and actual arguments of every call to a particular procedure.
Submitted: Mar 04, 2000
The fxdr subroutine library provides access to data conversion routines for the system independent exchange of binary data in Fortran programs. The routines are based on the widely used XDR data format (eXternal Data Representation) and allow data exchange for a large number of systems. At present, the library is available for CRAY Y-MP, IBM SP2, Sun SPARC, DEC Ultrix, DEC OSF/1, Intel Paragon, HP-UX, VM CMS.
Submitted: Mar 27, 2000

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