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Welcome to The Fortran Market  
Welcome to the Fortran Market. The Fortran Market is the place to find outstanding products, services, and general information related to the Fortran programming language. In addition to the usual things to buy, you will find many useful items that are free.
Submitted: Mar 25, 2000
Visual Numerics' IMSL  
IMSL provides a dynamic interface for computing mathematical solutions over a distributed system via Message Passing Interface (MPI). IMSL offers high-performance computing and expertise needed to develop and execute large, sophisticated numerical applications. A robust, reliable mathematical and statistical library that is balanced in performance and capacity relative to computational resources, a comprehensive resource of more than 900 FORTRAN 77 subroutines for use in general applied mathematics and statistical data analysis and presentation in scientific and business applications.
Submitted: Apr 29, 2000
Spatial Statistics  
Free SpaceStatPack 1.0 in Fortran 90 for spatial statistics which uses sparse matrix methods to compute the matrix determinants employed in the maximum likelihood estimation of the spatial autoregressions.
Submitted: Apr 28, 2000
Fair-Parke Program  
The Fair-Parke (FP) program is a DOS-based, command-line program. It allows one to estimate and analyze dynamic, nonlinear, simultaneous equations models.
Submitted: May 02, 2000

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