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This is a suite of FORTRAN 77 subroutines for solving nonlinear systems of equations by homotopy methods. There are subroutines for fixed point, zero finding, and general homotopy curve tracking problems, utilizing both dense and sparse Jacobian matrices, and implementing three different algorithms: ODE-based, normal flow, and augmented Jacobian.
Submitted: Mar 27, 2000
This package of Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 code accompanies the SIAM Publications printing of "Solving Least Squares Problems," by C. Lawson and R. Hanson.
Submitted: Mar 27, 2000
There are four packages in the ITPACK directory for solving large sparse linear systems by iterative methods: ITPACK 2C (single precision), ITPACK 2C (double precision), ITPACKV 2D (a vectorized version of ITPACK 2C for the Cray Y-MP and similar vector computers), and NSPCG. ITPACK 2C and ITPACKV 2D are intended for symmetric and positive-definite matrix problems. NSPCG has preconditioners and polynomial accelerators for nonsymmetric matrix problems as well. Only single precision versions are available for ITPACKV 2D and NSPCG. Machine-dependent constants and the timing function may need to be modified by the user when installing the packages for a particular computer.
Submitted: Mar 27, 2000
This is a tool for the automatic differentiation of Fortran 77 programs. Given a Fortran 77 source code and a user's specification of dependent and independent variables, ADIFOR will generate an augmented derivative code that computes the partial derivatives of all of the specified dependent variables with respect to all of the specified independent variables in addition to the original result.
Submitted: Feb 29, 2000
A collection of Fortran subroutines for solving hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one and two space dimensions, both with and without source terms.
Submitted: Mar 27, 2000
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software that provides for automatic generation and optimization of numerical software for processors with deep memory hierarchies and pipelined functional units. From the Computer Science Department at the University of Tennessee.
Submitted: Feb 29, 2000
This is a FORTRAN 77 program for the calculation of variances for complex sample designs through replication. It is in the public domain. The primary use of VPLX is within the Census Bureau, but it continues to have a number of external users as well.
Submitted: Mar 21, 2000

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