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Fortran 90 and HPF Programs  
All the Fortran 90 programs listed here are corresponding to the Fortran 77 programs appeared in or related to the book "An Introduction to Computational Physics". Several programs (as indicated) have appeared in the book, which are copyrighted by Cambridge University Press. Some changes are made in order to take advantage of Fortran 90.
Submitted: Mar 01, 2000
MOLSCAT: quantum nonreactive molecular scattering code  
MOLSCAT is a code for quantum mechanical (coupled channel) solution of the nonreactive molecular scattering problem. Code is implemented for various types of collision partners. In addition to the essentially exact close coupling method several approximate methods, including the Coupled States and Infinite Order Sudden approximations, are provided. The code is in near standard FORTRAN 77 and has been ported to a large number of platforms. The source code supplied was run at this site on an IBM RS/6000 and also on IBM and compatible mainframes. It should work on most other machines; for the Cray, however, modifications to run in single precision should be made.
Submitted: Mar 25, 2000

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