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Applied Statistics Algorithms  
The Royal Statistical Society has been publishing algorithms in its journal Applied Statistics since 1968. As of 1989, there are over 250 of them, most are in Fortran. The full source code is published in the journal. Those available here have been transcribed manually, mainly within CSIRO Division of Mathematics & Statistics, or have been supplied directly by the authors or by the RSS Algorithms Editor.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2004
Model-Based Classification Software  
Model-based cluster and discriminant analysis, including hierarchical clustering and EM for parameterized Gaussian mixtures + Poisson noise. Written in Fortran with interfaces to the S-PLUS commercial software package and the freely available (but not public domain) R language. Development sponsored by the Office of Naval Research under contracts N00014-96-1-0192 and N00014-96-1-0330.
Submitted: Mar 01, 2000
Statistical Software from MD Anderson Cancer Center  
A variety of primarily statistical software written by our group.
Submitted: Nov 16, 2004
A collection of FORTRAN subprograms for simple linear regression: RGM, RWILL, RYORK, LINFS and DLINFS.
Submitted: Mar 21, 2000
Robustness, clustering, depth and finance are the main topics in the research of Agoras (Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences - University of Antwerp). You can download all our publications, technical reports, and programs.
Submitted: Aug 13, 2004

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