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Fortran 90 Features  
This course will describe the new features found in Fortran 90 which are aimed at extending the usefulness of the language. These improved Fortran capabilities include free-form source code, pointers, dynamic memory management, array syntax expressions, a CASE construct, and derived data types capable of grouping together heterogeneous data. In addition, the machine-specific optimization performed automatically by the Fortran 90 compiler - as well as optimization techniques the Fortran 90 programmer can employ - will be discussed.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2000
This course comprises approximately 15 hours of lectures and 15 hours of problem solving. This time is spread over the next two weeks with 3 hours/day. My rough schedule is to deliver about 2 lectures/day: 6 lectures on Basic Fortran programming, 5 lectures on Fortran libraries, 4 lectures on Mathematica. but this may vary according to degree of difficulty and level of interest.
Submitted: Feb 29, 2000

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