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GINO graphics - GINOMENU Studio v2.0  
GINOMENU Studio is an interactive GUI builder and development environment specifically aimed at the Fortran programmer. Developers can create a graphical user-interface by drag-and-drop methodology without having to write any source code at all. GINOMENU Studio is a self-contained GUI builder that doesn't rely on resources or dialogs having to be created with another application. When the layout is complete, the GUI can be saved as Fortran-77 or Fortran-90 code containing calls to GINOMENU. This code can then be compiled, linked and run from within the Studio to check the final appearance of the application. All common widget types are available in GINOMENU Studio including buttons, check boxes, radio boxes, sliders, status bars, toolbars, text/value entry boxes, text/value arrays, graphics frames, panels and list boxes/combo boxes. The properties of each widget can be changed such as label, name, title-bar, size and colour and GINOMENU Studio includes a full callback editor eroviding a quick and easy way of developing GUI's and at last provides a true 'Visual' Fortran.
Submitted: Oct 01, 2001
f90gl: Fortran interface for OpenGL and GLUT  
f90gl is a public domain implementation of the official Fortran 90 bindings for OpenGL. The current version is Version 1.2.1 This version implements the interface for OpenGL 1.2, GLU 1.2, GLUT 3.7, and several extensions. It supports several Unix workstations and Windows 95/98/NT. It is also the Fortran interface for Mesa.
Submitted: Feb 29, 2000
FORTRAN callable interface  
The FORTRAN callable interface consists of the CZ and XZ packages. Normally, only the XZ package is of concern to the user: any calls to the CZ package being made in a completely transparent manner. The exception to this case is of course when a new application that requires a different server is to be built.
Submitted: Mar 24, 2000
Fortran Interface Primer  
The Fortran interface allows NAO objects to be created, used and deleted from a Fortran program. The Fortran interface is functionally equivalent to the Raw interface, being Stub routines which turn around and call the Raw interface. There are two important issues that arose when we created this interface: how to generate names for the Fortran routines that call the Raw interface, and how to pass objects between C++ and Fortran. These are discussed in some detail below.
Submitted: Mar 24, 2000
The SYSREQ FORTRAN interface  
This routine sends the specified command to the named service via the SYSREQ mechanism. One may also use the routine FMSREQ, which is part of the FATMEN [] and resides in PACKLIB. This routine as the same calling sequence as SYSREQ, but provides automatic protection against network problems (timeouts etc.) with retry were required.
Submitted: Mar 24, 2000

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