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Verification and Testing

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Fortran Available Test Suites  
This is a product of the NIST Information Technology Laboratory (ITL). It is used to determine, insofar as is practical, the degree to which a FORTRAN processor conforms to FIPS Fortran. The Fortran test suite consists of programs containing features of Standard Fortran, their related data and an executive program that prepares the audit routines for compilation. Each program includes tests and supporting procedures indicating the results of the tests. The testing of a processor in a particular hardware/operating system environment is accomplished by compiling and executing each program.
Submitted: Mar 27, 2000
Grayboxx Software test automation tool kit  
Cleanscape Grayboxx (BETA, FCS: 4Q2002) is an advanced software test automation system that provides Fortran developers an automatic method for testing software components and measuring test effectiveness. Grayboxx was designed to provide an easy-to-use testing system with no learning curve, using the programmer’s existing toolset. This makes Grayboxx a readily-adoptable system that will quickly become essential for programmers, developers, and testers.

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