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Data Analysis

PV-WAVE Data Management and Manipulation  
PV-WAVE includes numerous tools designed to simplify the management and manipulation of datasets. Included here is a list of tools that PV-WAVE provides.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
IUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer) Data Analysis Center  
Probably the oldest (but still active) IDL-based data analysis package. Some of the spectral analysis software (e.g. multiple Gaussian fits) might be useful for analysis on non-IUE spectral data.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
PV-WAVE, the world's leading data visualization software, provides a powerful combination of features and capabilities that support a Rapid Application Development Environment (RADE). A suite of object-oriented methods, reusable interactive code and robust graphical and numerical capabilities are combined to give you the utmost in customizability and extensibility.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
The SolarSoft system is a set of integrated software libraries, data bases, and system utilities which provide a common programming and data analysis environment for Solar Physics. The SolarSoftWare (SSW) system is built from Yohkoh, SOHO, SDAC and Astronomy libraries and draws upon contributions from many members of those projects. It is primarily an IDL based system, although some instrument teams integrate executables written in other languages.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
VDA Tools are reusable objects that provide the developer with a powerful modular framework for easy application customization. Variables can be easily imported and exported among tools. You can also copy and paste graphic elements freely among graphic tools. The state of a VDA Tool can be saved and restored in its entirety or as a template for later use... VDA Tools developed for X Windows or Microsoft Windows® are portable across platforms and adapt to the native look and feel at run time. A list of the VDA Tools supplied with PV-WAVE Foundation includes: Animation Tool (WzAnimation), Color Table Editor Tool (WsColorEdit), Contour Tool (WzContour)...
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
PV-WAVE Debugger  
On UNIX, PV-WAVE includes a powerful GUI-based symbolic debugger. The debugger provides functions that are listed in the page.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000

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