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IDL Satellite Image Mapping Tool  
IMAGEMAP allows you to display a satellite image (e.g. AVHRR) on a map projection. The input is a 2D array of satellite image values, and corresponding 2D arrays of latitude and longitude for each pixel.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
PV-WAVE® Technical Notes  
PV-WAVE Tech Notes are detailed articles covering various aspects of the PV-WAVE family of software. PV-WAVE Tech Notes are available in the following file formats: FrameViewer/FrameMaker, and PostScript.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
PV-WAVE/JWAVE Technical Support  
This page is the source of electronic support for the entire PV-WAVE software family, including: PV-WAVE Foundation, PV-WAVE Advantage™, JWAVE, and optional add-ons: IMSL® Math, IMSL Statistics, Visual Exploration, GT-GRID, Database Connections, ODBC Connection, Signal Processing Toolkit and Image Processing Toolkit.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
Ask a Question About IDL  
This form lets you ask an IDL related question.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
Making MPEG Movies In IDL  
QUESTION: How do I create an MPEG movie from within IDL? ANSWER: There are two answers to this question. There is a method that applies to versions of IDL prior to version IDL 5.1, and another method that applies to versions of IDL since that time. Let's take the newest version of IDL first...
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000

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