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PV-WAVE: Mathematics and Statistics Companion Technology  
The PV-WAVE:Mathematics and Statistics Companion Technology give PV-WAVE users affordable access to the world-renowned IMSL Mathematics and Statistics functions. These powerful routines are found in more than 80% of the world's supercomputer installations and provide the ultimate in accurate, robust and efficient numerical routines. New with PV-WAVE 7.0 Extreme Advantage, the Math and Stat options have been enormously expanded and updated to reflect the content of the IMSL C Numerics Library 3.0 release, which occurred in March 1999. There are 76 new functions in addition to the 112 already in place. These include a large increase in breadth functionality in the Stat option and a number of new high-powered algorithms including sparse matrix support in the Math option. In addition, several existing routines have been enhanced with new arguments and keywords to provide additional functionality. The new double-precision complex type is supported throughout.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
Group K IDL User's Library  
This is a collection of general purpose and high energy astrophysics routines written by members of the particle astrophysics group at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000

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