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Presentations and Reports

About the PV-WAVE 4GL  
A 4GL (Fourth-Generation Language) is an interpretive language designed to execute instructions as they are entered. 4GLs have several intrinsic benefits to users and developers: * Higher-level instructions: dramatic reduction in the amount of coding * Real-time execution eliminates compiling and linking * Reduced maintenance and support The code example below illustrates the effectiveness of the PV-WAVE 4GL in loading and displaying a complex dataset...
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
PV-WAVE - Powerful Visual Information for Powerful Solutions  
PV-WAVE is the industry's leading Visual Data Analysis (VDA) solution used by business professionals from around the world. Scientists, researchers, educators, engineers, application developers, intranet managers, testers and analysts use PV-WAVE to solve problems, identify business trends and share results.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
PV-WAVE 6.21  
PV-WAVE provides application developers with powerful new functionality that supports a rapid application development environment (RADE). Using PV-WAVE's interactive programming environment, you can analyze and visualize your data in less time than with other programming tools.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
PV-WAVE 7.0 Technical Specifications  
Here are a technical specifications of PV-WAVE 7.0 sorted by topics (Numerics, Graphics, Data Import/Export and others).
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000
Ronn Kling Consulting  
We are dedicated to helping scientists and researchers in their studies. Many times a researcher will know that a mathematical or image processing technique exists, but is unsure how to use it or does not have the time or expertise to incorporate it. We specialize in working with the client in developing applications that will aid them in reaching their goals.
Submitted: Jan 05, 2000

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