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Java(TM) Communications API  
The JavaTM Communications API can be used to write platform-independent communications applications for technologies such as voice mail, fax, and smartcards.
Submitted: Dec 02, 1999
The Java(tm) Telnet Applet  
The Java(tm) Telnet Applet is a fully featured telnet program that allows users to connect and login to remote hosts via Internet or Intranet using their WWW-Browser only. Not only does it include telnet compliant connection services, but also the ability to dynamically load additional Terminal Emulations and Modules.
Submitted: Dec 04, 1999
A graphical FTP client written in Java. Implements: Drag & Drop, Split Panes, Progress Bar, Pluggable Look & Feel. Must have Java 1.2 VM to run JFtp.
Submitted: Dec 07, 1999
Simulation Program for CSMA Protocol  
The objective of the project is to develop a simulation program for the nonpersistent CSMA protocol.
Submitted: Oct 09, 2005
ASN1C - Objective Systems, Inc.  
The ASN1C compiler is a software tool that translates ASN.1 source specifications into C, C++, or Java source code. Developers can use this code to work with encoded data in one of these computer languages. The resulting API's can be used to encode/decode ASN.1 messages using the Basic, Distinguished, Packed or XML encoding rules (BER, DER, PER or XER). The current version of ASN1C supports ASN.1 syntax as defined in ITU standards X.680-X.683 and X.690-X.693 (the product is also backward compatible with the older X.208 and X.209 standard).
Submitted: Jul 02, 2002
TCP Lightweight Agent  
TCP Lightweight Agent is a tool designed for running tests over the Internet. The tool consists of two main parts. The first is an application run by the server. The second is an applet, which resides on an html page on the server. The tests to run should be supplied by the user. Once a client downloads this page, the agent starts running the tests. When all tests have been ran, the server saves their results as an html file, which then can be viewed by any browser.
Submitted: Dec 04, 1999
Java API for JSP programming  
No Description
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
OSS ASN.1 Tools - OSS Nokalva  
The OSS ASN.1 Tools is a toolkit developed by OSS Nokalva to support ASN.1 and its encoding rules. The toolkit supports the full ASN.1 syntax as described by the ASN.1:1990 and ASN.1:1997 standards and the following encoding rules: XML Encoding Rules (XER), Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Packed Encoding Rules (PER) (aligned and unaligned), Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER), and Canonical Encoding Rules (CER). It completely shields the user from the intricacies of the encoding rules.
ATM UNI 3.1 Signalling Protocol  
The above applet animates/demonstrates the behaviour of a nearly complete personal UNI 3.1 signalling package (written entirely in Java) that I've been working on in my spare time. "UNI 3.1 Signalling" refers to the signalling portion of the ATM Forum's "ATM User-Network Interface Specification, Version 3.1"
Submitted: Nov 22, 1999
This is a java implementation of SSH.
Submitted: Dec 04, 1999
Agora: Advanced 3D Communication Service Software Java Included in Virtual World Tool  
The Agora system includes software to operate 3-D virtual-world servers on the Internet, as well as client software to access those virtual worlds... Agora's Java component allows users to interact with, move, manipulate, design and build with 3-D objects and also to experience objects moving independently within the virtual environment, such as sunrises and seasonal changes... Fujitsu has developed the client and server software for Agora. The client software for Agora requires a Windows 95 personal computer. The Agora server runs on the Solaris 2.x operating system. Both products are slated for release in Japan in late 1996.
Submitted: Dec 07, 1999

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