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Visual Paradigm IDE for Java  
Visual Paradigm IDE (hereafter referred to as VPIDE) is an integrated development environment for Java program developers to write, compile, and run Java applications and applets. The environment also provides supporting features, which include project management, class and method navigation, syntax highlight, code completion to boost the productivity of the software developer. Users can generate Java documentation for their projects, and deploy their applications using the deployment wizard. Since VP-Java IDE is developed using 100% pure Java, it can be run on any Java-enabled platform.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2002
Hurricane Editor 3.0  
Hurricane Editor is a stand-alone programmer's text editor that allows you to edit multiple files using a convenient tabbed page approach. Hurricane Editor offers customizable syntax highlighting for many languages. The editor can edit files of any size limited only by memory. Hurricane Editor is also fully integrated with WinGREP, a multi-file search utility from Hurricane Software. Hurricane Editor provides syntax highlighting support for more than 40 file types including C#, C/C++, Delphi, Java, HTML, BASIC, clarion, bash, clipper, idl, make, perl, python, smalltalk, X86 assembly, SQL and many more.

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