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Scientific Graphics Toolkit  
The Scientific Graphics Toolkit (SGT) facilitates easy development of platform independent, Java applications to produce highly interactive, flexible, publication quality, object oriented graphics of scientific data. Features include user settable or automatically scaled axes, sophisticated, automatically self-scaling time axes, labels as movable, customizable objects, automatic generation of legends to explain the data being displayed, and many more.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
JGraph - The Java Graph Visualization Library  
JGraph is an mature open source Java graph drawing package featuring a wide range of features. Also available are a range of graph layout algorithms.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2005
2D Function Plotter Applet  
A small 2D Function Plotter Java-Applet for free download.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2003
3D Graphics Programming  
Learn more about Java 3D performance, 3D content loaders, and the Java 3D VRML97 browser: Summary- Last month, Bill introduced you to the basic concepts of Java 3D programming. This month, he delves deeper into the API, performance optimizations, reuse of 3D content, and interoperability with VRML.
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
Big Faceless Java Graph library  
The Big Faceless Java Graph library is a class library for creating Graphs and Charts in Java. Backed by a full 3D engine, it can plot 2D or shaded 3D Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Area and Bar Graphs from any viewpoint to PNG, GIF and PDF, quickly and with stunning results. Features include. Full 3D engine with adjustable light source produces most realistic graphs on the market Classes for graphing to PDF, PNG, GIF, or java.awt.Image for use in Applets. Graph Dates, Currencies, Percentages, Numbers and Discrete data out of the box, easily extended for total control over the axes. Ten different styles of Pie Graph key. Pick one that suits your data. Plot mathematical functions, data samples and spline curves fitted to data, all on the same graph It's fast - plot several 3D graphs a second to PDF
Submitted: Jan 07, 2005
JGo: Graphics Library  
JGo is a graphics library that makes it easy to build custom interactive diagrams, network or workflow editors, connected graphs, scheduling or organizational charts, smart maps, flowcharts, and software design tools. It has built-in support for many shapes, text, images, containers, connectors, orthogonal links, arrowheads, layers, scrolling, zooming, selection, drag-and-drop, resizing, in-place text editing, tooltips, multi-page printing. An automatic graph layout library is available as a JGo add-on: JGoLayout.
Submitted: Sep 09, 2002
Bar graph  
An example of a Bar Graph plot, created using Java.
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
Ptolemy Ptplot  
Ptplot is a 2D data plotter and histogram tool implemented in Java. Ptplot can be used as a standalone applet or application, or it can be embedded in your own applet or application.
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
Live, animated plot  
This plot illustrates a dynamically updated plot.
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
Class java.awt.Graphics  
Explanations regarding the class java.awt.Graphics: "The Graphics class is the abstract base class for all graphics contexts that allow an application to draw onto components that are realized on various devices, as well as onto off-screen images. A Graphics object encapsulates state information needed for the basic rendering operations that Java supports. This state information includes the following properties...".
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
Plot of 10,000 binary points  
This plot illustrates the Butterfly curve, invented by T. Fay (American Mathematical Monthly, v96, n5 (May, 1989) :442 ).
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
List of Java Image I/O libraries  
A list of libraries to load and save images in various file formats. Both commercial and free tools are mentioned.
Swiftchart: chart and graph java application  
Chart java application software to generate dynamic charts and graphs within JSP - bar, line, pie, stacked and grouped charts in 2D and 3D with a wide range of parameters and chart types. Main features: Charts in 2D/3D, Anti aliasing, Multi language support, Cross browser compatible, Java Script parameter control, Data labels, Contextual data drill down, CSV data sources, Trend calculation, 3D depth control, Multiple y-axis, Automatic chart scaling.
Submitted: Jan 19, 2006
3dhtml is a DHTML toolkit that supports the development of 3D applications. The toolkit makes it easy for DHTML programmers to build their own animated three dimensional graphical applications with models, materials, transformations, modifiers, etc. It provides JavaScript libraries, documentation and a bunch of pretty examples.
Submitted: Jan 02, 2002
Plot using Logarithmic Axes  
Two plots that show the same data, plotted with and without logarithmic axes.
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
GLG Map Server  
GLG Map Server allows an application to combine powerful GIS mapping features with the dynamic capabilities of the GLG Toolkit. With GLG Map Server, developing dynamic mapping applications has never been easier. It is available as a separate product for web use, as well as an integrated option in the GLG Toolkit. When used inside the Toolkit, the map server functionality can be easily deployed in the form of an integrated GIS object, which will render maps in the drawing.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2006
Plot of binary data  
This plot obtains its data from two binary files given by a URL address. This binary format is used in pxgraph, the X11 plotting tool that is part of the Ptolemy Project.
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999
Mapyrus is software for creating plots of points, lines, polygons and labels to PostScript, Portable Document Format (PDF), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format and web image output formats.
Submitted: Mar 26, 2006
Plot using error bars  
This plot shows error bars for some of the data points. Error bars can be specified from within the data file or programmatically by calling Java methods.
Submitted: Dec 01, 1999

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