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Image processing with Java 2D  
Bill Day and guest contributor Jonathan Knudsen describe the image processing classes in Java 2D. You'll learn how to blur, sharpen, invert, and posterize images.
Submitted: Nov 16, 1999
Java Image Acquisition UI Components  
If you are developing some applications that require the user to select/edit/input images, then Image Acquisition UI Components (The UI Components) will make your life extremely easy - and more importantly, the user experience will be improved dramatically.
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Java Twain Package  
Java Twain Package v.3.0. is an interface between a Java application and an image source hardware (scanner, camera). It will help you to incorporate image scanning functionality into your Java application.
Submitted: Nov 16, 1999
An Applet that simply loads and displays an image.
Submitted: Nov 16, 1999
Gif4J - Java GIF Image Processing Library  
Gif4J is a Java GIF image processing library for reading, writing, watermarking (in toto and alone frames), transforming (including scale, resize, rotate and flip operations) animated and non-animated GIF images. It also supports text rendering, morphing filters to generate amazing animations and image tours, GIFs comments manipulation and ImageIO API. Gif4J includes a fast and qualitative java color quantizer supporting 8 modes of operation.
Submitted: Dec 22, 2004
De-Noising Images  
One illustration of interface methods is the removal of noise from an image... As illustration, Java applets are available which show how these algorithms work. The idea is to draw a black shape on a white background, then add noise to it, and then try to clean it up and "recover" the original shape. There are three different Java applets. They have different degrees of resolution; the coarse grain one executes very quickly, and it best for slower machines, while the fine grain one allows one to draw detailed images on a larger pixel area, but executes slower.
Submitted: Nov 02, 1999
Sessions of Image Processing Laboratories in Java  
On this site of the Biomedical Imaging Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, you can find information and subjects of sessions for a series of computer laboratories designed for teaching image processing. The laboratories are built around ImageJ (a public domain software for image analysis).
Submitted: Oct 09, 2003
Imaging Web Demos  
Demos developed by the Biomedical Imaging Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. Includes teaching and research sections that illustrate various image processing techniques, high quality interpolation, wavelets, quincunx wavelets and high quality resizing etc.
Submitted: Nov 19, 1999
Radiographic Image Processing  
Presented is a Java applet that displays and modifies GIF or JPEG formatted images in Web browsers such as Netscape, Explorer, or Hot Java. Because many combinations of computer systems and monitors are used with the aforementioned browsers, images appear slightly different on each system. This Java applet allows the user to appropriately adjust an image within an HTML document by changing both window width and window level. The ability to reset the image to the original settings and to invert the image are also included. Java source and compiled Java byte code are available for downloading from within the article.
Submitted: Nov 17, 1999
Image Compression Using Backprop (CNNL)  
Computer images are extremely data intensive and hence require large amounts of memory for storage. As a result, the transmission of an image from one machine to another can be very time consuming. By using data compression techniques, it is possible to remove some of the redundant information contained in images, requiring less storage space and less time to transmit. Neural nets can be used for the purpose of image compression, as shown in this demonstration.
Submitted: Nov 07, 1999
Color Selector  
This applet allows you to select colors using one of several color models: RGB, HSV, HLS, RGBY, and RBW, and shows the conversion between RGB and one of the other models.
Submitted: Nov 07, 1999
A list of features of ImageJ (a Java image processing program). The list includes data types, file formats, speed, plug-ins and more.
Submitted: Nov 16, 1999
JTwain v8.0 - LAB Asprise! Public Portal.  
With JTwain, you can access, control any kinds of digital cameras and scanners from Java. Image acquisition has been made extremely easy by this JTwain package.
Submitted: Oct 09, 2003
Png Encoder  
The fastest PNG image encoder around.
Submitted: Apr 15, 2003
Run ImageJ 1.10 as an Applet  
The applet version of ImageJ should shortly be running in a separate "ImageJ" window. The download will take a few seconds with an Ethernet connection and about two minutes using a 28.8 modem. Quit ImageJ by clicking on the "ImageJ" window's close button.
Submitted: Nov 16, 1999
IPDemo Applet (grayscale)  
This applet demonstrates how easy it is to process an 8-bit grayscale image using ImageJ's ByteProcessor class.
Submitted: Nov 16, 1999
IPDemo Applet (color)  
This applet demonstrates how easy it is to process an RGB color image using ImageJ's ColorProcessor class.
Submitted: Nov 16, 1999
Attrasoft ImageFinder  
Attrasoft specializes in Universal Image/Video Identification & Retrieval Software & Customizes Solutions to User-Defined Requirements with Optimized Results demonstrating Extremely High Accuracy (97% - 99.9%), Fast Matching, & Scalability.
Submitted: Nov 16, 2004
Moirée "holograms"  
This is Moirée analogon of holograms using line grids for a reference wave.
Submitted: Nov 07, 1999
Wiper is an advertising billboard whose transition effects are themselves images. The result is a great deal of wonkiness.
Submitted: Nov 19, 1999
This applet adds excitement to an image by making it into a marquee surrounded by flashing lights, which flash in user-selectable patterns such as chase, blink, or random.
Submitted: Nov 18, 1999
Generalizations of the Hamming Associative Memory (CNNL)  
This program simulates an associative memory that is based on the Hamming distance similarity measure coupled with a voting scheme. Patches of an input image (starting from the center of the image) are taken and are compared to corresponding patches in a set of stored images.
Submitted: Nov 07, 1999
RTOG gui  
KeyRes RTOG gui is a special software designed for handling RTOG image files, commonly used in radiotherapy planning systems. This software supports grayscale images stored in RTOG format, automatically selected from the standard RTOG header file. It is possible to navigate on different image levels simply operating on a vertical slider. Advanced gray level enhancement algorithms are included. Algorithms are fast and optimized with compilation in C/C++ language. Structured information, like GTV (gross tumour volume), CTV (clinical target volume) and PTV (planning target volume) is automatically loaded and overlapped on the current image. It is possible to convert in TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP or many other image file formats. After processing, plot the intensity profile, check the image histogram, perform a 3D visualization and save the images in a standard format.
Submitted: Mar 13, 2006
Limiting Magnitude for Telescopes  
An applet that takes the eye pupil diameter, limiting naked eye magnitude, and telescope aperture and computes the light gathering power of the telescope vs the human eye.
Submitted: Oct 19, 2006

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