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Make Java fast!  
How to get the greatest performance out of your code through low-level optimizations in Java - complete with a Benchmark applet.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
General Rules for Optimization  
There are certain principles that apply to optimization in any computer language, and Java is no exception.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Tools for Optimizing Java  
Here is a software that can help you optimize Java.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Optimizing Java for Speed  
Some more guidelines from Jonathan Hardwick on how to optimise code to ensure it runs fast.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Java Optimization  
This site explaines how to optimize your Java programs so that they're faster, smaller, and more maintainable.
Submitted: Nov 23, 1999
Optimizing Java for Size  
Some techniques for reducing the size of .class files - especially important when writing applets.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Optimizing Java for Maintainability  
Being able to understand code is especially important in an object-oriented language such as Java, where code should be reused and inherited wherever possible. Note that some of the "optimizations" here can conflict with those that make your code faster or smaller.
Submitted: Dec 08, 1999
Java Microbenchmarks  
This page describes the microbenchmarks and analyses the results for several different Java implementations on a low-end PC.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Kimera: A Java System Architecture  
This is a Java virtual machine based on a new component architecture that provides better manageability, increased security, higher performance and scalability.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Applet for Adder Synthesis  
This is Java applet for the optimization and synthesis of prefix graphs and the generation of parallel-prefix adders. It allows the size optimization of prefix graphs under arbitrary depth constraints, which can be different for each column (i.e. bit position). The algorithm is described in the reference below.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999

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