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Random Numbers in Matlab, C and Java  
None of these languages provide facilities for choosing truly random numbers. They just provide pseudo-random numbers. But, we'll pretend that they are random for now, and address the details later.
Submitted: Mar 09, 2005
Random Numbers in Java(tm)  
Random numbers are useful in many contexts in programming. One common use is in games, and another is for testing program algorithms such as those used in searching or sorting. Here you have an explanation about creating random numbers in Java.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
How can I generate random numbers?  
Question How can I generate random numbers? Answer Generating random numbers is simple. Provided as part of the java.util package, the Random class makes it easy to generate numbers. Start by creating an instance of the Random class...
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Random ticket generator  
This is a lottery number generator written in Java.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Class java.util.Random  
Complete explanations and details regarding the class java.util.Random at java.sun.com.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
Password Generator  
This password generator gives you a list of ten "pronounceable" passwords.
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
The randomX package for Java  
The randomX package is an upward compatible superset of the standard Java API class java.util.Random. Unlike the standard Random class, randomX defines an abstract superclass which supports derived classes based on a variety of random and pseudorandom byte stream generators. The derived class need only supply methods to construct a new generator and return successive bytes; randomX provides all the higher level functionality of the standard Java Random class (a derived class is, of course, free to override randomX's implementation of the higher level methods, where appropriate).
Submitted: Nov 30, 1999
This page gives an overview of RngPack 1.0 (RngPack is a pseudorandom number generator package for Java). The page includes the subjects: What is RngPack, What is RngPack good for, What isn't RngPack good for, Comparison of generators (table), and a Download section for downloading the source code.
Submitted: Aug 11, 1998

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