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Freewarejava.com, an excellent starting point to everything Java™ technology on the net. Includes sections on applets, tutorials, books, JSP and Servlets, and javascript.
Submitted: Aug 05, 2004
Contour Plotting in Java  
This article discusses a Java applet which plots contours based on a given matrix of floating-point values. The idea is to present an algorithm which is simple enough to be implemented in a few hundred lines of code yet which performs a useful, non-trivial operation.
Submitted: Dec 19, 1999
Java Tips  
Java Tips, tutorials, programs and libraries.
Submitted: Sep 05, 2005
Introduction to the J2EE Architecture  
A high-level view of the architecture, its elements, and purpose.
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
SUN Java API  
This page aggregates API documentation for key technologies and platforms. Includes links to API for Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), J2SE Optional Packages , Java Telephony API (JTAPI), Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) .
Submitted: Jun 30, 2004
Java portal  
Java portal with FAQs, technical forums, regular news updates, and tutorials.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
A JavaScript/DHTML webcontrol that shows folders and links in an hierarchical, collapsible outliner. Same look and feel of Windows Explorer. Easy set-up with online visual tree builder. Compatible with IE and NS. Optional: connection to database.
Using Java Reflection  
Learn how JDKTM 1.1 Reflection enables dynamic retrieval of classes and data structures by name. (January 1998)
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
F Prog Lang Like Java  
This article describes the startling comeback of Fortran by discussing the features found in the F subset of Fortran 95 comparing them with the features found in Java. The combined strengths of Java and the F programming language make a wonderful introduction for beginners and a powerful package for professional programmers working on large projects. Even people familiar with modern Fortran and Java are unlikely to have noticed the benefits of combining the two.
Submitted: Dec 20, 1999
Book2Tree: Bookmarks to Java Tree Converter for MATLAB  
Book2Tree converts Netscape Bookmarks file to a "Windows Explorer-like" FolderTree JavaScript (actually very similar to what you see when you go to Netscape's Bookmarks - Edit Bookmarks…). The generated script, ready to use in a Web page, produces very nice, multi-level BookmarkTree dynamic structure. The script works with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. Very useful utility for those, who publishes large bookmark databases on their site, and wants to update it frequently.
Submitted: Aug 03, 2000
Java 2 Introduces Print Capability to the Swing Forum  
Find out how to add the print functionality of the Java 2 programming language to your Java Foundation Classes (JFC) Project Swing-based apps.
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
Java Grande Forum Pushes JavaTM Technology to New Heights  
This article discusses the goals of this special forum dedicated to Java technology for scientific applications and high-performance network computing.
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
JavaTM Servlets and Serialization with RMI  
This article describes how to create Internet-based applications using Java servlets and object serialization together with RMI.
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
EE Times - News 1996  
SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Fuzzy-logic pioneer Aptronix Inc. has refocused its engineering- software-development environment on what's called Java-based "smart applets" with the introduction of its Java Runtime Controller. With JRC, Aptronix said, engineers can manage fuzzy-control programs from Web pages that serve as the user interface for controlling complex industrial processes.
Submitted: Dec 20, 1999
JavaBeans Update  
An article about JavaSoft's new component architecture. (Dec 1996)
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
Reference Objects and Garbage Collection  
The Reference Objects API lets a program maintain a special reference to an object so it can interact with the garbage collector. (August 1998)
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
Testing and JavaTM Technology:  
A neglected but important topic! The ins and outs of the software-testing world--the barometrics, procedures, tool types, and the special needs of testing in the cross-platform / multidevice realms of JavaTM technology.
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999
The Java HotSpotTM Performance Engine: An In-Depth Look  
This article drills down into HotSpot's functionality, explores how it does what it does - where it screams, and where it purrs - plus code samples to show its inner workings.
Submitted: Nov 24, 1999

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