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Java simulation  
This page contains links to a series of interactive demonstrations in physics and related subjects.
Submitted: Dec 15, 1999
East Java Tsunami Simulation  
This simulation (7.7 MB) of the 1994 East Java tsunami was developed by Nobuya Horiuchi of the Disaster Control Research Center, Tohoku University, Japan. It shows the initial water-surface profile over the source area and the subsequent wave propagation away from the source. Areas in blue represent a water surface that is lower than the mean water level, while areas in red represent an elevated water surface.
Submitted: Dec 15, 1999
BART train travel simulator  
Java applet showing a simulation of on-schedule Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system operation in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you resize or iconify Netscape, the simulation will start over from the beginning. The simulation starts out at 60:1 time speed-up (1 minute in the schedule takes 1 second in the simulation). The schedule starts in the early morning; initially there are only a few trains running. If your machine can not keep up as more trains are added to the schedule, the speed-up factor will ramp down. Outside the morning and evening commutes, when less trains are running, the speed will increase again.
Submitted: Nov 15, 1999
Ptolemy II  
Ptolemy II - The Ptolemy project studies modeling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. Ptolemy II is a Java-based component assembly framework with a graphical user interface called Vergil.
Submitted: Feb 28, 2001
Stability Simulation in Java  
This simulation is part of a next-generation Aerospace Engineering course that uses Internet technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
Submitted: Nov 20, 1999
Lorenz Butterfly  
This is a simulation of the Lorenz Butterfly. When you click in the window it starts a particle in motion around the two strange attractors.
Submitted: Dec 16, 1999
Vibrating String Simulation  
The vibrating "string" above is composed of 64 segments, tied down at both ends. This simulation is based on an assignment in COS 496: Simulation of Systems, Real and Imagined, for which I was the TA during the spring '96 semester.
Submitted: Dec 16, 1999
Simulation of a Spin System  
This is a simple Ising-type model written in Java. It simulates a system of spins located on the grid points of a lattice. The spins are coupled to a heat bath with a temperature T = 1 / beta. This applet then updates the spins on the lattice in order to simulate the behavior of the spins for a given temperature.
Submitted: Dec 15, 1999
Java SU(2) simulation  
This is a simulation of a SU(2) model, which is essentially QCD (gluons only) with two colors, written in Java. The degrees of freedom of the system are the link variables each of which connect two neighboring grid points of a n-dimensional lattice (grid).
Submitted: Dec 15, 1999
An Overview of the Hawks and Dove Java Simulation  
This page contains a description of how to use the Java simulation of the Hawks and Doves game. This game was explained in detail on a previous page; you will not get much out of this simulation unless you already thoroughly understand the Hawks and Doves game.
Submitted: Dec 15, 1999
Java Hysteresis Simulation  
This applet simulates hysteresis using a random-field rising model developed by Jim Sethna and his group. You can run our model at three different values of the random field, which determines the influence of disorder on the system.
Submitted: Dec 04, 1999
Hagen-Poiseuille Flow Applet  
This applet solves the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation in the presence of a constant axial pressure gradient.
Submitted: Feb 08, 2006

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