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Study Abroad - Information on International Study Abroad Programs, Study Abroad Scholarship, Internship abroad and Work Abroad for Students  
Diversity Abroad - Offering information on international study abroad programs including study abroad scholarship, abroad internship, work abroad, volunteer work abroad, study abroad grants and other information for students going abroad for study.
Submitted: Jul 28, 2006
Fundamentals of Excellence in Technical and other Universities  
This book is a result of the author’s experience as a leading International Educator. Administrators and academics engaged in imparting higher education will find the contents useful. Many of the guidelines included for the planning of new universities are a result of the author’s own study and are therefore not available elsewhere in published literature. The proposals of this book are written from the point of view of the highest levels of excellence that prevail in higher education. Existing universities may study it to compare their own practices in order to evaluate changes for the better.
Submitted: Apr 17, 2006
Graphing For Mathematics Study And Research Work  
Providing math graphing softwares for school, college and university teachers and students.
Submitted: Nov 03, 2006
Online University Directory  
An online source for professional adults to advance their careers with accredited business degrees. Developed academic model offers the state-of-the-art degree programs and valuable educational strategies to quickly view the degrees offered by the Online University of your choosing.
Submitted: Nov 03, 2006

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