Simulink Communication Labs  
Description: Contains block design files (.mdl) of various communication systems such as AM, DSB-SC, FM, PLL, Data Acquisition, Digital Data Transmission, PCM and Delta Modulation.
Target audience: Advanced undergraduate (3rd or 4th year)
Academic institution: N/A
Materials available: Downloadable code/data files
Products: Simulink

Submitted: Jul 09, 2008
Johns Hopkins University Establishes Virtual Lab for Wireless Communications with Simulink  
Description: At Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Lee Edwards has created a virtual lab for the graduate-level class “Introduction to Wireless Technology” using MATLAB and Simulink. By using a virtual laboratory rather than a traditional hardware laboratory environment, students not only get hands-on experience but they are able to explore and experiment with their ideas without stepping into a lab. Using these MathWorks tools, students develop a model of a wireless communications system and then use Simulink to model and simulate different wireless environments. Topics covered include digital modulation schemes, channel description and modeling, and noise & channel perturbations.
Target audience: Graduate
Academic institution: Johns Hopkins University
Materials available: Course outline/syllabus
Products: MATLAB,Simulink

Submitted: Jul 09, 2008
Introduction to Digital Communication Theory  
Description: In this class we will learn about digital communication theory with an emphasis on wireless communications. We will use MATLAB, SIMULINK, and the COMMUNICATIONS TOOLBOX and BLOCKSET to design and test digital modems and communication systems. Class design exercises will help you learn the fundamentals of digital communications and the ability to apply theory to design.

Students must complete an analog signals and systems course with lab sessions conducted using MATLAB

Rice, Digital Communications: A Discrete-Time Approach, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2008. ISBN-10: 0130304972. ISBN-13: 978-0130304971.
Target audience: Advanced undergraduate (3rd or 4th year)
Institution: Brigham Young University
Materials available: Problem sets or projects, Lab materials, Course outline or syllabus, Textbook recommendations, Downloadable code or data files
Products: MATLAB,Simulink,Communications Blockset,Communications Toolbox

Submitted: Nov 21, 2008

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