Dynamic Modeling of Engineering Systems (Undergraduate 3rd year)  
This course teaches the modeling of dynamic mechanical, electrical, thermal and fluid systems. Model formation in input-output and state variable formats will be taught, in addition to numerical simulation of dynamic systems and analytical solutions of 1st and 2nd order models; transient; and frequency response behavior.

Professor: Michael J. Anderson
Department: Mechanical Engineering
University: University of Idaho
Textbooks: Shearer, J.L., Kulakowski, B.T., Gardner, J.F., Dynamic Modeling and Control of Engineering System. Prentice Hall, 1997.

Submitted: Aug 23, 2007
Dynamics and Control I  
Description: Topics covered include: an introduction to the dynamics and vibrations of lumped-parameter models of mechanical systems; kinematics; force-momentum formulation for systems of particles and rigid bodies in planar motion; work-energy concepts; virtual displacements and virtual work; Lagrange's equations for systems of particles and rigid bodies in planar motion; linearization of equations of motion; linear stability analysis of mechanical systems; free and forced vibration of linear multi-degree of freedom models of mechanical systems; matrix eigenvalue problems; introduction to numerical methods and MATLAB® to solve dynamics and vibrations problems.
Thomas Peacock, Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou, Sanjay Sarma, and Peter So, course materials for 2.003J/1.053J Dynamics and Control I, Spring 2007. MIT OpenCourseWare (http://ocw.mit.edu), Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Downloaded on [16 July 2008].
Target audience: Advanced undergraduate (3rd or 4th year)
Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Materials available: Problem sets or projects, Course outline or syllabus, Textbook recommendations, Downloadable code or data files
Products: MATLAB

Submitted: Jul 22, 2008

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