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General Interest


Math Refresher for Engineers, Rochester Institute of Technology  
Mathematical Refresher for the Students of Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology
Submitted: Sep 10, 2007
Programming Concepts for Mechanical Engineers  
Description: This course introduces the student to the world of programming through MATLAB to develop scientific and engineering models. The student will be able to write beginner level programs that include conditional statements, repetition loops, input/output of files, modular programming including subprograms, and matrix manipulation.
PREREQUISITES: Calculus I and Physics I
TEXTBOOK: Essentials of MATLAB Programming (Paperback) by Stephen J. Chapman (Author): Publisher: Thomson-Engineering; 1 edition (October 6, 2005): ISBN-10: 0495073008
Target audience: Introductory undergraduate (1st or 2nd year)
Academic institution: University of South Florida
Materials available: Problem sets/projects, Course outline/syllabus, Downloadable code/data files
Products: MATLAB

Submitted: Jun 26, 2008
Interactive MATLAB Course  
Description: This course is designed for students of the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology to get familiar with the basics of the computer program Matlab.
The contents of the course are as follows:
Chapter 1: Basic elements of MATLAB;
Chapter 2: The numerical toolbox;
Chapter 3: The symbolic toolbox;
Chapter 4: Linear algebra;
Chapter 5: Ordinary differential equations;
Chapter 6: Programming;
Chapter 7: Simulink.
Each chapter ends with a set of exercises with their solutions; detailed solutions are available for odd numbered exercises while for even numbered exercises only the final answers will be given.
Target audience: Introductory undergraduate (1st or 2nd year)
Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Materials available: Problem sets or projects, Primers or tutorials
Products: MATLAB,Symbolic Math Toolbox,Simulink

Submitted: Oct 16, 2008
Modeling and Simulation of Natural and Engineered Systems  
Description: The objective of this course is to introduce students to the mathematics and modeling tools necessary to analyze and simulate natural and engineered systems. The course includes three broad areas of modeling and analysis: that of stationary processes, linear dynamic systems and neural networks. Topics include modeling time series with ARIMA models, applications of artificial neural networks, building state space models for dynamic systems, and performing sensitivity and stability analyses.
Course material created by Professor Judith Cardell.
Target audience: Advanced undergraduate (3rd or 4th year)
Institution: Smith College
Materials available: Problem sets or projects, Course outline or syllabus, Downloadable code or data files
Products: MATLAB

Submitted: Jul 23, 2008
E-wiki - Mathematics  
A wikispaces site focusing on aggregating resources Mathematics. Includes both courses and seminars.
Submitted: Sep 18, 2008
I am new born baby  
Hi to all of you! I'm new here and i hope i can learn many things here.
Submitted: Jul 30, 2009
Talking Point: Like father, like son  
Talking Point: Like father, like son
Submitted: Jul 31, 2009
Ýëåêòðîííûé îáìåí âàëþò  
Skype è Betamax , ëó÷øèå öåíû íà âàó÷åðû . Äåøåâëå òîëüêî äàðîì. Ïîêóïêà è ïðîäàæà Ukash i Paysafecard. Ëó÷øèå öåíû íà âàó÷åðû â ìèðå.
Submitted: Jul 29, 2009

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