Earth Sciences


Applications of Physics to the Earth Sciences ( Undergraduate 1st year)  
This is an intermediate course in the application of the basic principles of classical physics to the earth sciences. Topics will be selected from: mechanics of rotating bodies, the two-body problem, tidal theory, oscillations and normal modes, diffusion and heat transfer, wave propagation, electro- and magneto-statics, Maxwell's equations, and elements of statistical and fluid mechanics.

Professor Name: Mike Brown
Department: Geological and Planetary Science
University: California Institute of Technology

Submitted: Aug 23, 2007
Statistics for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences  
Description: This is a graduate level course in statistical methods frequently used to interpret model results and observations in earth sciences. Topics covered include correlations and significance; linear regressions; empirical orthogonal functions; and uncertainty estimates from error propagation, Monte Carlo, and Boot Strap methods.
Course material created by Professor Sara Mikaloff Fletcher and Andrew Jacobson.
Target audience: Graduate
Institution: Princeton University
Materials available: Presentations, Downloadable code or data files
Products: MATLAB

Submitted: Aug 19, 2008
Sea-MAT: MATLAB Tools for Oceanographic Analysis  
Description: A variety of MATLAB tools for Oceanographic Analysis. Includes time series tools, numerical modeling tools, mapping tools, hydrographic tools, data interface tools, and many others.
Target audience: Graduate
Institution: N/A
Materials available: Downloadable code or data files
Products: MATLAB

Submitted: Jul 22, 2008
SeisLab 3.0  
Description: A set of more than 150 functions (plus support functions called by them) for analysis and display of exploration-seismic data and well logs. These functions read and write seismic data in standard SEG-Y format, read and write well logs in LAS-format 2.0 (also read LAS-format 3.0), and perform many of the manipulations usually performed on these data types. The functions come with a manual in PDF format and scripts with examples.
Target audience: Graduate
Academic institution: N/A
Materials available: Downloadable code/data files
Products: Optimization Toolbox,MATLAB

Submitted: Jul 09, 2008

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