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Industry Stories

BAE SYSTEMS Controls Develops Autopilot for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using MathWorks Tools  
Using MathWorks tools, engineers at BAE SYSTEMS Controls in Johnson City, New York, and Santa Monica, California, developed and successfully flight tested a UAV flight avionics system and ground control station in just eight months. The tools enabled the geographically separated teams to design, model, and analyze the control system, simulate the UAV, visualize the simulation data, perform testing, and automatically generate the autopilot code, all in a single, model-based design environment.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2004
MathWorks Tools Help Land Unpiloted Boeing Spacecraft  
Working within strict time and budgetary limits, Boeing used MathWorks tools to design a guidance, navigation, and control system that could land an unpowered, unpiloted, reusable spacecraft on a standard runway.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2004
Argonne National Laboratory Develops Sensor for Chemical Agent Detection Using MathWorks Tools  
Learn how Argonne National Labs developed an instrument to reliably detect and identify gaseous chemicals using MATLAB and related toolboxes. A highly sensitive microsensor incorporated into a wide range of instruments was developed.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2004
CARCO Electronics Reduces Development Costs by 30% Using MathWorks Simulation Tools  
CARCO Electronics used MathWorks products to design and manufacture a six-degrees-of-freedom motion test system that could operate at frequencies of 1,000 Hz. MathWorks products saved CARCO time and money by enabling them to simulate the behavior of the controller and the mechanical system together and then optimize the control system before building a costly prototype.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2004
Problem with Rocket Fuel Pressure Control Solved Quickly, Efficiently, with MATLAB and Simulink  
Learn how GenCorp used MathWOrks tools to design a control system for a rocket fuel tank that would ensure a continuous flow of liquid oxygen from the pressure tank to the turbine.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2004
Design Times at Honeywell Cut by 60 Percent  
Learn how Honeywell used MathWorks tools to update a flight-control system while reducing development time and costs.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2004
International Salvage Team Brings Home the Kursk Submarine Using a Simulation Developed in Simulink  
The entire salvage system was modeled in Simulink and then used to train operators and determine when and how to perform the salvage operation.
Submitted: Mar 23, 2004

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